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Scans clear NED/Brain??

Cindy RN

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I just stand amazed at how great God is. He does everything in His own time, I wish I knew why. I sat there at the Dr waiting for the results and really had a very calm feeling-either I was going back into treatment or I was not. It really was going to be OK either way. I look back 30 yrs ago and I did not have that peace. I give Him the praise for everything. The scans show NED! I am now 2 yrs in remission this time.

The Dr did want an MRI tomorrow tho. My vision is messing up some. I get double vision 2-3 times a week and only with both eyes open. When it happens I can cover one eye and the vision is fine, I can cover the other and the same. If both are open I see double. Weird huh? Oh well I guess I get to see if there is more up there than just cobwebs.

Thanks so much for all the messages, I love this site.


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Thinking of you and wishing you luck with your MRI.

I love your attitude about however the outcome you feel good about accepting whatver is given to you.

Prayers to you for good results,


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NED must like you, Cindy~!! :wink: Can't say I blame the guy! :D

I'm so glad the news was happy news...but more important than that...I think...is the fact that you were mentally prepared to take whatever came your way. You know....what other options do we really have? To be miserable? Fearful? Tied in emotional knots?

I'm spiritual...but not religious in any formal sense. Haven't attended church since I was a child. But I too try to remain calm when awaiting test results, figuring....I'll worry when and IF I have to. There is a certain peace in accepting that however things transpire....we will find the inner strength to deal with it. Whatever we attribute that to...doesn't matter so much as having that sense of calm or peace, right?

Now having said all that....sometimes I still get a bit of a case of the nerves when tests and/or results are coming up. Hey...I'm only human! :wink: But I try to put off the worry to some future point, before which I generally know I'll have my results. Works for me, to do that.

I'm hoping your fuzzy vision just means you need a new prescription for eyeglasses! I tend to have some fuzziness too...but not double vision. I think mine is related to the chemo I still take. Do let us know your MRI results as soon as you have them.

Thinking of you...and so happy you and NED are still hanging out together. 8)

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