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Low Reds to transfuse or not


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I don't remember all of the exact numbers but I can tell you there was a remarkable improvement in Dennis after having a transfusion. His energy level was much higher and he just felt so much better in general. Based on our experience, I wouldn't hesitate to have it done. Hope you feel better, either way!

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Go for it!

When they sent me to the hospital for one, I cried the whole way there - I was terrified!

Well hell, it was no big deal.....REALLY!

And I DID feel better afterwards - I wouldn't say immediately, but the next day.

Have NO idea what my numbers were at....

Good luck,


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Never had one But I have seen them many times.

I feel like the guy who stayed at the Holiday Inn!! :roll:

People would be so weak when they walked/wheelchaired in and when they left they could walk and always said they felt stronger.

I know if I have to have one I will do it before the Procrit shots. They were too expensive and they took weeks to work!


PS I never saw a reaction

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Had both whole blood and platelets, and then back the next day for more blood. Only one time.

Platelets were totally tanked.....12K. Hemoglobin was 6.00 and by they time they got me TO transfusion...it had gone down more, to 5.6. Hematocrit was also low...19.5.

I did feel better after...more energetic. The next day, maybe...not immediately. But then I tend to be high energy most of the time :roll: ...but as I told you before Jen, the nurse reran my blood thinking the machine had made a mistake. She said with platelets only at 12K and hemoglobin that low, I should have been face down on the floor. Yet I walked in under my own steam. :shock:

They made me go upstairs for the transfusions in a wheelchair, though! :wink: I walked out when I was done!

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Jim's experience was similar to Katie's Dad. Usually took a day or so and then he felt much better. He resisted having one when he needed it for so long and was glad he did it afterwards. Do take a book or plan to rest as it takes a little while (Jim wasn't a "patient" patient).

Good luck,


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Hi jen,

Mom needed transfusions several times and the difference was like night and day. She could barely drag herself into the chair to get the blood and by the time we got home she had a bounce in her step. The staff were concerned about reactions, but they set the drip to a very slow click and Mom never had a problem receiving the blood. Like the others have said - make sure you bring your own entertainment, you'll be in there awhile.

These transfusions were critical to her being able to continue and finish treatment.


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Thanks for the responses.

I told them no yesterday as it was day 15 post chemo and I should have been coming up by now. Went in this am for blood recheck and was above the transfusion mark, so no blood this round. Yikes, that was close.

Still very anemic 9.4 and 26 on hgb and hct, but got Procrit and it is climbing, just slowly.

Thanks again,



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