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The Battle Rages


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Hello to Everyone,

My apologies for the quick "hit & run," but wanted to touch bases in the 5 min. I have. Steve is having a very difficult time. The Alimta treatment has left him in an extremely weakened state and pain has forced him back on morphine. In my moments of panic, he reassures me and says it's just the chemo and he will get through it. He still is trying to help with the advocacy work.

Our local support group got up the web site(which my son threw together between digging ditches to replace our failed well pipe!), so Steve is proud of that. If you get a chance, look at the lighted ribbon on this link:


We are hoping to get this to spread across the U.S. as a way to draw attention to LCAM. The lighted ribbon is simple to incorporate individually or as part of an event. (Anyone is welcome to use the "Shine a Light on Lung Cancer name.) We sent out an e-mail to all our friends and family with the link and asked them to put up a ribbon in November and also pass the request on to everyone they know. We're receiving a lot of positive response.

We are going to get through this, or at least put up one &*$# of a battle. I keep telling Steve we're going to make lung cancer sorry it picked on him!

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Joyce and Steve....What an absolutely wonderful website your son has designed. If this is a result of what he can "throw together" I am sure I would be truly amazed at something he took a long time planning. I really love the idea of the lighted ribbon. I would love to organize something like this in my area. I so hope that Steve will be feeling better and have more strength very soon.

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Wow....had to go take a fast glance at the website and will go back later to investigate further...but it's well done and I love the lights idea. How cool!

Sending Steve my best vibes and thoughts and hopes that he will soon feel better. He has such good spirit and attitude (Addietude :wink: ) as well as that feistiness in him, huh? It will serve him well...as it already has. I'm hoping he's off the morphine again before you know it. You tell him he has all us beside him in the battle and all together we can raise a mighty resistance, can't we?

Off to nose around the site more......

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I love it! What a wonderful web site. What a great idea to make a "ribbon of lights" for the month of November, Lung Cancer Awareness. Many of us have lights we put up for Christmas! Great job! Donna G

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Thank you all for your kind words and support. I can't tell you how much it means to me during this very dark time. I look forward to a time when things are better and I will be able to catch up with all of you. The power in this group is palpable - sending more strength than I've had all day. Thank you so very, very much - my love to you all.

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Hi Steve & Joyce,

Just got finished looking over your website. Fantastic job!! Your son and your support group did a superb job. You should be so proud of them.

I am very proud of you guys. You are making a difference in bringing the LC Awareness to your area.

I pray for Steve to feel better real soon and get on the road of recovery. He may be off the road a bit but he will get back on. Just keep the faith.....it doesn't get you around trouble, it gets you through it.

Prayers and good vibes sent to Steve

I love your "ribbon" idea for the front door.

Thank you for sharing your website. :D


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Like a mad dog, grab it and shake the crap out of it!!

And.. I really like your website. Alot. Your fact page was impressive. I have been around for awhile and I learned enough on that page to get my blood to boiling. ZERO dollars from CDC for lc research! GRRRR Other stats you have noted got me bristling as well. These are stats that need public awareness. Thank you for all of your hard work!

Keep up the fight!

Cindi o'h

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