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I have been reading posts on this awesome site for months and have kept planning to introduce myself as soon as...well, tonight's the night! I was diagnosed with advanced nonsmall cell lung cancer (large cell carcinoma) in April 2002. I underwent chemo from June until October of that year, with shrinkage, but then regrowth in January. I am now into my 3rd (4-week) cycle of a clinical trial which is Iressa or ZD6474 and my CT scan showed no change in tumors. Athough my hope is for shrinkage of course, no growth does allow me to continue with in the clinical trial.

I started my treatment at UCSD (San Diego), but the lung cancer oncologist left UCSD in October of 2002 and they still have not replaced him with a specialist in lung cancer. Therefore, I went up to Los Angeles to Cedars Sinai and am seeing Dr. Natale, who had an article in the Spring issue of CURE, and who, along with his staff, have given me the best of care.

Although I live by myself, I have a wonderful companion Borzoi (aka Russian Wolfhound) who has consistently and constantly been by my side through all of this and has been a real motivation to get up and keep going even through some of the chemo devastation. I have a great support system through family, friends, neighbors and my church congregation...and, although I hadn't yet made myself known to each of you, you have helped me tremendously, for which I thank you.

I am 62 years old, took an early retirement from the State of Nevada in 1995 and moved back to the coast and am living in Carlsbad (35 miles north of San Diego). I know that none of us want to be here, but I feel better about making myself legitimate through this introduction post.



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As is always said, sorry that you have to be here, but a big welcome!! Am glad that you made yourself known and are officially a member of the community here. Sounds like you have a great support system all around and are being pro active in your medical care. I'm sure you have a lot to share with all!

Welcome again and keep posting! :)


46 years old

Stage 1A-Surgery June 16, 2003, right upper and mid lobe removed.

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Hi Margaret.

I too took a while before I introduced myself to the group; I found so much comfort lurking and seeing how many people were just like me. And once I registered I found it was equally as comforting to help others, mostly newcomers, with advice and stories of hope and survival. And that's what this site is all about - it IS an awesome place to be!

You sound very grounded, with a positive attitude. You combine that with a great support network, a big dog, and a tumor that is not growing larger, and you get longevity. Take care Margaret, glad to have met you.

David P.

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Welcome Margaret and Borzoi,

Glad you decided to leave a message. We all are here for one another and so glad to have you aboard.

I to have a best friend, Scrappy. He is a 4 yr old yorkiepoo. He keeps us up on what is going on in the neighborhood by constantly keeping a look out the window. We live on a corner and nothing gets by Scrappy.

Hope you soon find the meds working like we all want them to. good luck and come back often.

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