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Fay A. ?????


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I just read the post about our dear Fay and just can't imagine being cooped up in a hospital for a month. Does anyone know what she likes to do? Hobbies? Reading? I really wish we could organize a little "cheer" basket and send it to her, filled with things she enjoys. Does anyone have the hospital information so we can at least send cards? I would love to help put something together to cheer her up!!!!

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You can mail me the eggs and I'll take 'em to Fay -- Just be sure to pack them real good, or they'll stink up the place. :P

Fay's in a hospital not far from me, and I talked to her a few nights ago... but I just saw the news that she's in for a month. :evil:

Let's DO try to get the woman something to look forward to besides hospital food and visits from doctors and nurses. Seriously, if anyone wants to mail anything to me, I'll take it to her. Just PM me for my address.


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I very much appreciate the generous thought of a gift basket filled with things that interest me to help allieviate the boredom, but I think the hospital has rules against setting off Roman Candles, men in kilts singing bawdy 16th century drinking songs, and tie dye kits (all hospital linens are white). Your good wishes are more than I deserve.

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It is so good to see you post. I hope the food isn't too bad and that you get better on that computer so it doesn't use up all of your energy to get online with us.

Heck, while you are there you could write a nice book on what we all need to know about LC. Treatments, side effects, questions to ask etc. I am sure it would be a best seller for anyone diagnosed.

Keeping you in my prayers.


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