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vroom vroom vrooooooom


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alright. weather permitting, I will be taking my much-delayed vacation starting Thurs. afternoon, returning on 9/11 or 9/12. we are hopping on the Electraglide and riding down to Myrtle Beach and environs.

so if you're between NYC and Myrtle Beach and you see me and a bald guy roll by on a big, black motorcycle with flames painted on it ( :lol: really!) wave! I may even check in from my Aunt's house, but generally won't be around much until I'm back in the city (rubbing my sore tush, no doubt).

I will miss you guys, but I am SO GLAD to be getting out of here!


biker bunny :twisted:

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The Palmetto pass it is. It's slightly beat up from use by other South Carolina vacationers. John and I are sitting here trying to remember the name of the restaurant in Murrel's Inlet we went to. You have to go if you there if you get to Murrel's Inlet. I want to say it was the Dead Dog Saloon. Sounds bizarre I know but they had great food and music on the deck (and no wait while everything else was lined up)...great place. Have fun!

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Biker Bunny..lol

I'm so jealous. A weekend on a bike sounds like heaven. Have a great time and have LOTSA fun!!

I'll keep an out out for your bike...if you see some crazy woman waving hysterically it'll be me :D


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Ohhhhh...I'm so jealous Bunny. I miss our Harley and those great road trips so much. Give out a long loud WOOHOO for me as you're rolling along and have one fantastic time on your vacation.

Ry...was it Creek Ratz that you're thinking of? That's a fun place at the inlet and also Drunken Jacks is GREAT FOOD. I just want to be on vacation too!

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