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Went and saw the docs yesterday. Got a good laugh. I had to hace blood drawn and x-rays done before the appt. So when they gave me the x-rays to take to the appt. I got curious. I pulled out the x-ray and thought this is so funny, just one lung in there and the rest is all white. Got a good laugh at that one. Met with the chief Onc, looks like radiation and chemo are in the works now. They are giving me a few weeks to recoup from the lung surgery and then into a regimen of radiation/chemo then just chemo. They intend on using Carboplatin and Paclitaxel. If any of you can let me know what I might expect from this I would appreciate it. Since they screwed up in the surgery I still have this desire to keep on kicking and want to make sure of what I'm getting myself into.


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Hey Ralph, good to hear from you. Glad you can laugh. That is great medicine right there. Can't give you any advice cause i haven't had surgery. Sorry. Been praying for you frequently since you had the surgery mess. Way to keep hanging in there. conintuing in prayer for you. pammie

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it does look funny, doesn't it Ralph!? what's ever better is the look on the face of underprepared nurses or even docs when they try listen to my mom's breath sounds on her right side. it's really priceless.

your attitude sounds great. keep us posted, hon. glad to hear you feeling so good after everything you went through.



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It's good to giggle, isn't it?

We have, what I suppose others would call, a dark sense of humor in my family about Mom's hospitalizations. They've been such a way of life since I was a kid, that you have to laugh. The alternative is just too depressing. One time, after surgery, she was halucinating that she saw spiders on the walls. The nurses didn't think it was so funny when my brother went around slapping the wall with magazines and "killing" the spiders, but we thought it was a hoot.

Mom still laughs about it. And isn't that the point?

Keep up the great attitude!

:) Kelly

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Hi Ralph: I suppose looking at that ridiculous white blob could strike one's funny bone. I am glad you laughed at it.

Northstar gave Kathleen a good site to go to to look up chmo drugs and what they do. I used it myself.


You can navigate to the section on chemotherapy drugs and type in the drug name in the search box and click on search. It will take you right to the drug.

It is too bad your surgery did not go more smoothly, but it sounds like you have a good plan now.

Paclitaxel is another name for taxol. Taxol/carboplatin is a standard chemo cocktail. Most people loose some hair, get numbness at the extremities, and have fatigue. The nausea is managed pretty well with anti nausea meds. Check out the web page. I would say with the chemo/ radiation and then chemo follow up, the docs are being aggressive and that is good.

Don M

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