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More prayers needed


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I hate coming here with more bad news, but mom is just not doing well and I'm scared. Just to update she went to the hospital 3 weeks ago and they thought she had pnuemonia, then they decided she didn't. They said she should go to a nursing home and get therapy to get her strength back. Well she is just getting weaker and she has broken out with shingles. The only good news there is they don't seem to be causing her much pain. Their doctor (the nursing homes) came in to look at her, but in my opinion he is useless. Dad has a call in to her doctor. I told him not to ask, but to tell her that he is bringing her in tomorrow! I was there for 2 weeks and came home this weekend. She started eating more and seemed to be improving a little bit. But I just talked to my sister and she said she was getting worse :cry: Neither her or my dad felt I needed to come rushing back, but it scares me how fast things seem to change with her. Sorry I didn't mean to ramble, but we could use all your prayers and positive thoughts.

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oh Millie,

I am so sorry your mom isn't doing well! Those dang shingles! Many of us get them when our immune system goes out of whack. I got 'em 6 months post treatment too. Not too much pain either, thankfully.

Hope she is in a passing phase, like I was. It is a bugger to be bouncing around not knowing what is going to come up the next day or the day after that. I still wake up and don't know how I will be feeling. It has been like that pretty much all along...and looky here! I am still around to gripe about it :P Hope your mom takes up after me!

Cindi o'h

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So sorry to hear about you mom. Joel had the shingles, but at least he had it checked out early and they gave him medication. I hope that is the same with her. He was fine after 2 weeks.

I will send prayers to your mom for a speedy recovery.

Hang in there, as I know that this is so hard for you, because you are not with her.


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