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DeanCarl's artwork

Guest frogdot

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My name is Dave. I knew Dean and his art through the digital art community 3D Commune. After he was diagnosed, he sort of drifted away from art and then obviously made a strong impression here at this forum.

I looked around and searched various topics, but couldn't find if he or anyone had posted links to his art. This is his gallery at 3DCommune. I hope it is of interest to his friends here.


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Katie, what a great idea. The proceeds can go to our Lung cancer research...LCSC

I would definetly buy a calendar of his work and I bet it would sell at functions.

That certainly will keep Dean's spirit alive.

Wow, fantastic idea. He certainly has so much art work you can see that from his site.


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Hi All

I'm very glad I shared this link, because an artist's work will endure long after the artist.

Dean used a 3d Program called Bryce, to construct the scene. A program called Poser is used to make people and their clothing, which are imported into the Bryce scene. Afterwards, he used Paint Shop Pro for dramatic lighting effects, painting touchups and filters that can make the image look like it's painted on canvas.


p.s. If you make a calender, be sure to get Gay's permission to avoid any copyright problems. I'm a Site Admin for 3DCommune and I think we would be interested in offering a calender through our store, if one is made. Also try Renderosity.com, another online art community Dean posted at.

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