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Have I told you lately...

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that you guys are the smartest folks in the world? You were right, it just takes time for things.

Mom showed up at Graden's soccer game this morning at 9a.m., cane in hand. She yelled and screamed and rooted him on as only she can do. I tend to sit back and just watch, but she was there in full force.

It only took her a week to figure out that she should be using an aid to enable her to get around. I am so relieved.

Thanks for keeping me patient.


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Just when my weekend was just plain crappy...I read this and I feel so much better. It gives all of us hope to know that as quickly as things are bad, they can be good again! You forgot to tell us who won the game!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

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Well, they are 5 years old, so I never keep track of the score, but I think both teams each got a goal, so that would make it a tie. Graden's next and last game is next Saturday 2pm. They will have the end of season ceremony and pass out the pics we had made last weekend (the event mom missed). I ordered a bunch of extra pics so that mom could have them and pass them out. That will make her happy.

Thanks for caring!

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