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Radiation necosis

Guest patti_ann

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Guest patti_ann

Good Morning:

I hope everyone is feeling great since it is Friday and the week-end is approaching. The sun is even shining today :):)

I was wondering if any of you have any information regarding radiation necosis or if any of you have ever experienced it?

I have a favor to ask of you --- would each of you please say a prayer for me. I received the most devasting news this week. My doctor told me that my prognosis is very grim and with alot of spiritual help I have perhaps one year of life left. I am having a hard time dealing with the fact that i am a walking time bomb that could go off at any time. I know you will say (just like I have in the past) the doctors can't predict and I realize that but when you hear the words it is awful. Let me back up and tell you why the doctor is saying this.

Last week I was having shortness of breathe which I attributed to the fact that everyone at work had a cold and I figured I did too.By Sunday the shortness of breathe had progressed so much that I could not walk from the couch to the kitchen without gasping - so my husband packed me in the car on Sunday and off to the hospital. On Monday the doc did a bronch and that is when he found the bad news. I have what is called radiation necosis. That means from the radiation treatment I was receiving my good cells are dying off and are causing the wall of my windpipe to weaken and collapse. He showed us the pictures he took of it and it is quite disgusting sort of like a bomb went off in my chest. Additionally there is either scar tissue or an additional tumor there. He will have the results of the biopsy next week. Hopefully it will not be additional cancer because in that case I will be buying a little more time. On Tuesday he went back and put a stent in the length and width of my windpipe. This sort of braces the windpipe so it won't collapse. I finall got to come home on Wednesday and I am using a nebulizer twice a day, taking an extremely expensive antibiotic using the nebulizer twice a day at $60 a dose (thank goodness for insurance). He is hoping with all of this medication that the infection will stop and the cells will quit dying and everything will sort of be normal.

It's hard to imagine that a month ago I was so happy that the last testing showed no live cells and that the tumor was gone. Now this ---- I just don't understand how it has happened and neither does the doctor. Needless to say I am so upset over the news that that is all I can think about.

Well I guess I will go for now, I am sorry this is so long but I just had to try and vent some of my frustration somewhere. Please say a prayer for me the doctor said "live each day a day at a time and with a lot of spiritual help we might be able to beat this." Thanks everyone.

Lots of warm hugs


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Patti Ann, I am so sorry and I will be praying for you each and every day.

The woman in the picutre with me is my sister Patti Ann, she has been so very supportive of me through out my cancer treatment and actually my whole life (minus teen years as I am only 13 months older then her )

I hope things take a turn for the good for you! David A :D

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Dear Patti Ann

I agree with you, no matter how much we say God is in charge, when the drs give you that news it must be devasting.

If prayers do it, you will get many from here including mine.

Try to shake that horrible feeling, get drugs if you need them. Then try to find some happiness and fun in your life. I believe that in addition to prayers, those good endorphins help alot too.

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Dear Patty Ann,

OH SO sorry to hear what the doctor had to say! Well for what it's worth, I'm not a doctor but I have opinions just like the doctor's do and I say: YOU CAN BEAT THIS!!! :):) The only professional I know that can call those shots on how long we have to live is the man upstairs!! SOOOOOO!

I do hope your med's will work. I have heard of this, but never knew anyone who had it! Can I ask how long you have been done with your radiation treatments? Is this something that comes weeks, months or even years after radiation treatments have been completed? Just wondering if you knew?

One of my Support Group members has radiation damage to one of her lungs and it really causes her to cough a lot. But she is cancer free. (she is a Small Cell lung cancer survivor of 3 years)

However, I had radiation too, and I didn't cough very much for the first year or so after treatments. and now 7+ years later and ton's of colds that I have had over the last few years, I cough more often as well! My Doc's say I am fine and not to worry about the cough. hummmm! Easy for them to say! Some days are worse the others, but I have learned to live with it!

I also have shortness of breath now and then. BUT my Doc's all tell me my lung is clean and clear!! You wouldn't think so at times if you heard me cough!! OY!!!

Good luck my dear, and I sure hope your back on the mend real soon!

Warm and Gentle Hugs,

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Ok, I am so confused, I need Dr. Sam to step in here and answer you. I am assuming you mean necrosis and not necosis, correct? Isn't the point of radiation to cause necrosis (death of the tissue radiated)? I know they have referred to my husbands lung as necrotic from the radiation. Do you think they radiated too large an area? Either way, the damage is done so now we need fixit!

Have you read or listed to Bernie Siegel on tape? I suggest in addition to prayer you start using his visualization technigues. How about visualizing the dead tissue being healed and repaired? If you have not heard his tapes, you should get them, they are very calming and healing.

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Dear Patti Ann,

I have often said that it takes a lot of courage just to go to the doctor when you have cancer. It's such an emotional roller coaster. I feel very sad about your news and will include you in my prayers. Remember that you are among friends here. I am a deep believer in the power of prayer.

Praying for your miracle,


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Patti Ann, a year is a long time. A lot can happen in that time. And, statistically, if yo make the first year, your chances of another are better. When I got prostate cancer seven years ago, they told me I could have surgery or radiation. If I had radiation, I could not then have surgery. In the time of my survival, all that has changed. They have made new strides. My cancer came back, but now they have radioactive seed implants and that is what I had done. So we don't know what the arena in lung cancer will be like a year from now. The important thing is to live to the fullest this year we have. I wish you peace. You have all of us here to lean on and express youself and get cared for. Don

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