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We are having a Christmas festival in our historic downtown area December 3rd. Andrea has sent me some cookbooks and I am going to (hopefully) sell some of them. I sent an announcement to our local paper so cross your fingers. This is an outdoor thing so we'll see how it goes. Wish me luck!

If any of the Michigan people need more books or haven't ordered yet let me know. If I have some left I can zip some to you.

Andrea are you out of bed yet? :wink:


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I am out of bed :) I am housebound till Wed morning still though. I just processed the outstanding orders (only 4), and hopefully Brian can box them for me, so my dad can mail them tomorrow since I won't be lifting yet :)

Ry--don't worry if you have extra books. Whatever you are left with, you can just send back to me, or I can have you send them directly to people who order. We will figure it out :)

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Helpful hint: Don't make eye contact and DON'T talk to potential customers.. :P:wink: Kelly is right.. everytime she opened her mouth when she was helping out, the people would run off. She would be halfway into her .. normal recipes from regular people... routine and the cookbook would go back down and the customer would flee. :P (It actually happened to all of us, we didn't know whether to talk to people and scare them off or not talk to them and be perceived as rude!)

Anyway, dress warm and get some hot chocolate!!

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As they say Cindi...great minds think alike. :lol: I am right next to my employees and clients who will be selling donuts, bagels, coffee and hot chocolate to raise money for vacation. They are also selling tickets for a drawing with some great prizes. So at least the cold people will come our way. :lol:

Ok Kelly and Debi. I got it--no looking and no talking. How did you manage to take the money? Trying to picture you guys doing this :lol:

Thanks guys.

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