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Update on Mom and Scan results


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Hello all,

My mom received her scan results today and the news once again was not great. She had growth in her liver mets and also growth in the mediastinal lymph nodes. I asked the doctor about ablation to the liver mets and he told me that she has to many small pea sized mets so that it would not help her. She has one met in the liver that continues to grow and is up to 3. She has only been off chemo for four weeks. Doctor started her on a new chemo drug today which she will receive once a week for four weeks and then a week off. She then will scan again. Mom feels fairly well right now I just hope that this new chemo is not to hard on her. I would appreciate any extra prayers we could get for mom. I continue to keep everyone on this board in my prayers.

Thanks for all your support.

Susan M.

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Is a chemo-embolism to the liver possible? Not sure about this but you could ask

this lists other treatment options -

liver perfusion, laser induced thermotherapy (LITT), the

alcohol injection, cryotherapy (local treatment of liver metastses with cold) and hyperthermia (Treatment of liver metastases through heat).


Take care

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Guest canuckwebgrrl


Sorry your Mom didn't get great results. The fact that she's feeling well is great news though :) I will keep you both in my thoughts.

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