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Many newer members do not know DeanCarl. Those of us who did, are probably still remembering him. I came across this post by him and thought it appropriate to share once again....for those who read it already and those who will see it for the first time. Dean was an incredible man!

Moderator: I WAS going to post this in General so ALL would see. I just wasn't sure where it should go....if at all. If you feel the need to delete or move, I do understand.

Posted: Tue Dec 23, 2003 3:07 pm Post subject: My Christmas Wish List

When I was a kid I used to give my folks a Christmas wish list each year. We weren’t rich by any means, but some how some way a lot of what I wished for I got. So, in that spirit, here’s my “wish list” for this Christmas:

My Christmas Wish List.

For the newly diagnosed and those who have recently had a recurrence: May your fears be calmed, your strength renewed and your hopes be realized.

For those in the midst of the battle: May your determination never falter and your days be filled with victory.

For those who have lost loved ones: May your memories bring joy rather than pain and your days be filled with the spirit of those who have touched your lives.

For those in remission: May your joy fill the lives of those around you and be a light for those that follow.

For those who are nearing the end of the fight: May you find the courage to walk the path you are on and to see the glory in each new day.

And for everyone who has so touched my life since I found this place: Whatever your situation, where ever you are may this Christmas season bring you all that your heart desires.


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Thanks Kasey for re-posting that. He was such a lovely man. And he had such a great way with words and such a love of life. I remember he loved hummingbirds so I had sent him a picture of hummingbirds at my feeder upstate this past summer. I just looked at that picture recently and was thinking about him. He's at peace, that's for sure. Thanks for reminding us of good people. It lifts all our spirits.


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Oh Kasey, thanks so much for reminding us of this post. I can still remember reading it the first time. I am so sorry that all of our members didn't get to "meet" DeanCarl. He was such a wonderful man, full of compassion and wonderful words. He always had such a great outlook on life and never felt sorry for himself or questioned the path he had been given to walk. I know that I miss him terribly and think of him almost every day. I remember how he loved talking about the Rainbow Bridge. I have so many PM's from him that I am unable to delete and go back to read over and over.

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Kasey, thanks for finding that and posting it. It certaily pulls at your heartstrings during this holiday season. How appropriate.

He was such special soul and an inspiration to many. Even after his death he touches people, as you Kasey did not really know him during his life here. I did not know Carl either, but his postings sure lives on.

I wish someone would do a calendar with his art work and his writings. But I know that is up to his family to decide. I know that would sell and would certainly bring money into LCSC for LC research.

Anyway, my friend, thanks for that, so many of us needed to "hear" that posting.

Maryanne :wink:

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