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Oops. I need the moving hall pass....


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I told Connie I was moving so nobody thought I fell off the edge of the planet. Didn't have a clue Connie was AWAP (Absent With a Pass) this time.

I got moved, house is a wreck, work is piling up, and my parents are coming for Christmas?

I had better make some time to get the gifts... and soon...

It's been crazier than hectic, but I had no clue until Kasey called me to see if I was still alive how long it had been since I checked in here with you all.

Sorry to worry you, Kasey, I would never do that on purpose.

Look for me to be scarce for a while yet. I still can't find clean undies!!

Happy Holidays...



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Okay, MaryAnn!!!!

NEXT time...no secret PM's ....you MUST get a PASS!!!! I was worried and when I called and got the news that you had a changed # I really panicked.

I do hope you find clean undies before your folks arrive. You know how Mothers are with always wearing clean underwear :wink: .

Talk to you soon and MAYBE see you when we are at NIH the beginning of January.

Love and thanks,


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Hi Mare

Oh my G-d! No clean undies, you better hope you don't go to the hospital!!

I remember when my mother always asked me if I had on clean underware, in case I winded up in the hopital. :roll:

You just brought back some memories. I miss her.

Anyway, get that house taken care of and have a great Xmas with your family. See ya when you get back.


PS. Glad you are okay. :D

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  • 3 weeks later...

Had loads of fun. Virus from 12/20 to 1/2/06.

Finally having a GOOD day.

Owe kids Xmas presents.

Didn't get parents ill, fortunately...

Stamina?.... lolol......

Still falling over boxes....

but my little one (alright, she's 10 by now) did oodles of laundry and separated AND FOLDED AND PUT AWAY ... CLEAN UNDIES!

So now is time to take it slow and put things to right....

Never want a holiday like THAT again....



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