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Lung tumour size


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Hi Cindi and Jenny

Merry Christmas. It was 17cm in right lung and it has shrunk to 2cm. It is now scar tissue. I am a very blessed person...

All things are possible. Just keep a positive attitude and use visualization to get rid of those pesky little cells. They do go away...

Just keep coming here for support and never,never never give up... :wink:

Prayers and hugs,


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Hi Jenny: my first primary was 4x5 cm. I had it cut out with my upper left lobe. It was stage IB adenocarcinama. I had no chemo. My cancer came back a year later. I had the rest of my left lung removed and had chemo followup. My second cancer was stage IA adenocarcinoma. I am cancer free now.

Don M

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Hi Jenny,

I was diagnosed with a 6x8 cm tumor in my left lung in May. Mets to brain and bone. (diagnosis was based on pain in my arm and leg).

I just complete 6 cycles of chemo and am continuing on the same. CT is scheduled for 1/3.

I have had shrinkage and I feel really good 90% of the time. 10% bad is usually tired due to low red blood count or achy due to meds. After the first 4 cycles, the reduction was almost 40% and I'm hoping for another 20 or so with this CT.

When I was first diagnosed, I thought I had 6 mo to 1 year. Now I think I have years and the quality of life is really good. If I continue lik this, I'll not complain.

Good luck, use the board to get information or just share feelings.


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Hi Jenny,

Joels was also 7cm. His was operable and contained to 1 lobe. They cut his out and he has been LC free ever since. This is his one year anniversary.

Don M if you read this, I love your new pic. You certainly are making up for your hair loss :roll: Your grandson is sure getting big.


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Hi Jenny

My husband had a tumor that was 10cm. He had his upper right lungs lobe removed and the surgeon says he got it all. I don't think size is an issue rather where the tumor is located in the lung is and if the cancer has spread out side of the lung. Also if the lymph nodes are involved


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