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head radiation


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My husband had whole brain radiation last November - 14 treatments.

He had this after brain surgery.

His side effects - hair loss and fatigue. He has trouble with short term memory, concentration and his balance but we do not know to what to attribute these symptoms.

And each day is a baby step forward. Was the wbr worth it. You betcha.

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My mom was tired and lost most of her hair. That was about it. She has been having memory loss lately, but I think it's from the chemo and vicadin not radiation. It's not severe memory loss, she just forgets appointments and what pills to take when, but seriously, I can't remember all that either! Thank God for pen and paper!

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Lenny, I had 10 PCI treatments the last of April/first of May. I had fatigue (horrible), loss of balance, hair loss (just had started coming back) memory loss (short term). They put me on steroids which gave me a horrible case of thrust. I lost 15 lbs. because I wouldn't eat, everything tasted terrible. I am just now getting over the worse of it. I have been reading post, but this is the first in a long time I have replied to. I still have alot of fatigue. At 9pm I am in the bed!! I hope you do not experience any of these side effects. I am just bad at it. If there's a side effect to anything I have it !!! GOOD LUCK. 8)8)8)8)

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