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A little concerned now...


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MyFIL had his last chemo treatment on the 22nd. He was feeling pretty rough on Xmas Day, but I think he held up pretty well.

I talked to them last night, and my MIL said that he wasn't feeling well - he was feeling "kind of wheezy". I asked what she meant by that and she said "you know, like he is going to pass out". They were going to see the pulmonary doctor today, so said they would talk to him, and I also said that they should let the onc know too.

My SIL emailed me and said that the Dr. put him on a heart monitor for 24 hours. He has never had any heart problems at all. They want him to write down when he takes his meds, and then push the button if he starts feeling dizzy.

Any thoughts? Could this be a chemo thing? I had posted a while ago that he sometimes would get a dizzy spell in church, but this is the first time I have heard of anything outside of church.

I am going to wait an hour or two and then call and check up on him..see how he is doing.

they didn't offer my SIL any opinion from the dr as to what is happening, just talked about how wonderful he is. I would like to know what they think it is...because if he is having heart problems, but they think it is just feeling yucky from the chemo, they may not call if something serious is happening!

I don't know if they have given this dr. permission to talk to any of the kids or not.

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sorry you have another hurdle. I'm not sure how comforting this is, Darci, but it really could be anything. try not to decide what it is before they have more info, you'll drive yourself nuts.

I can tell you that heart monitor does not necessarily equal heart problems - my mom got EKGs along the way with all her complications, and only one actual had to do with her heart. she had something called a pericardial effusion, which meant that fluid had built up in the sac around her heart. obviously serious, but treatable. her symptoms were shortness of breath and lightheadedness, which were due to the pressure placed on her heart by the fluid build up. although she's had other problems, that one resolved completely. her heart is FINE now.

so hang in there, keep asking questions but wait for more information if you have to...and lean on us.



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Thanks everyone for your quick answers and support!

I did just talk with them, and I guess that it hasn't happened since last night, and he had just walked up the stairs...so hopefully he just got a little winded and out of breath.

Glad to know they are keeping an eye on it though!

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When Lucie started her chemo treatment the first time, she had some arhymia of the heart. It has since gone away. It is normal to put a heart monitor for 24 hours if the doc heard something, so they can monitor it well. I am a heart patient and I get to wear that monitor once a year -- just as a precaution. Don

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