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Yay! I get to post here!


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Hi Everyone-

My mom's latest PET scan showed that there are no signs of cancer in the brain now. PHEW! Her lung tumor is the exact same size as it's been...wish it had shrunk, but at least it hasn't progressed, but boy am I am relieved about the brain. Now I'm able to research some more clinical trials and given more options. It's strange, my mom has no cancer in the lymph nodes, just the left upper lobe and it mestasized to the brain. The doctor said it's like seeds that produce weeds...the cancer just plants itself somewhere and it's never the same for everyone. I'm wondering if my mom would be a candidate for lung surgery now. For those of you dealing with brain mets, keep your chin up....radiation does work!

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Ray, my mom had over three cancer lesions in the beginning of all this...none of them appeared on the PET scan yesterday...and my mom also had 14 sessions of treatments just like you. Out of all the treatments my mom has had, radiation seemed to be the least invasive or damaging. Don't forget...the radiation worked on Ginny's husband too. When treatment is over, remember that the radiation continues to cook for a couple of months after....radiation is going to work on you too...so you hang in there!

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GREAT NEWS, Natalie, :D:D:D

So happy for you and your mom, I would also try for the restaging and surgery if possible. Nothing wrong with getting second opinions either.

God bless, be well and you & your mom will be in my prayers

Bobmc- NSCLC- stageIIB-left pneumonectomy- 5/2/01

" absolutely insist on enjoying life today!"

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The 'Empty Headed' Club welcomes yet another new member. It is a wonderful club with wonderful members.

Earl finished his wbr on 11/6/02 and had continued to be empty headed.

Congratulations to your mother.

Now let's get her into the 'Clean Lung' club.

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