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update on my Mom

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Hello everyone,

I haven't posted about my Mom lately so just wanted to let you know the latest.

She will be having a CT scan on Monday the 13th.

Luckily we only have to wait two days, the 15th, to get the results.

As some of you know, she has been in Florida since the first of January.

She has only had one treatment there but just doesn't feel comfortable with her doctor. They had problems getting the Avastin, the doctor wouldn't give her the blood count pills, only the shots. He also doesn't have the x-ray equipment in his office...therefore she wasn't receiving the x-rays as frequent as her normal doctor. Etc. Etc. Bottom line, she wants to come home to see her doctor.

I absolutely agree with her. I think it is so important to feel confident in the care you are receiving.

Plus, I get to see her next week!!! I'm planning on taking a few days off work and going to spend some time with them while they are here. They will be headed back to Florida on the 20th.

To be honest, I'm a little scared. When we talk on the phone she acts like she is doing great. But, I know that she is just so intensely tired all the time. My older sister was down to see them a couple weeks ago and she said that my Mom never goes outside. Never wants to go anywhere. If my step dad does talk her into going anywhere, she just sits in the car while he runs in. She won't complain or let us know when anything is wrong. I know she doesn't want to worry us. But, I think we worry more because of that.

Boy, I'm rambling this morning.

I would like to ask for prayers for her.

I'll post an update on Wednesday with the results.

Warm Hugs,


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I know your fear. I wish I could say something more intelligent than that, but just know that I know how you feel. I am so glad you'll get to see her, and that she's being proactive with her care. hopefully, some good news on the scans will boost her spirits enough to at least get out and enjoy the Florida sunshine!

keep us posted,



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