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I went to my GP today for a checkup. He is a very thorough doctor and I remembered to write down my questions which really helped. He thinks the weakness and shaking in my legs could be from my thyroid med so the blood test will reveal that in a few days. He's keeping me on the blood pressure and heart meds till April just to be sure. My x-ray looked very good and the EEG was fine. I told him about my bad reaction to Prozac and how bad it made me feel. He felt it was good NOT to take it. Since I've only taken the Xanax (2 or 3) in the past two weeks he didn't prescribe any other meds for my head. I'm glad about that because I really do feel better and the blues have lifted. I think they were really associated with my healing and since I see that I AM getting better, I feel much better mentally. Of course, I can call him anytime if that changes.

Overall he was really pleased with my progress and I go back in 6 weeks. Now my only dilema is when to go back to work :wink: That's a happy dilema. Thanks for listening!

Joanie ((()))

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