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Jeffrey back from the 2nd hospitalization

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Holy Moley what a couple of weeks. Jeffrey got out of the hospital on Feb 10 and everything was groovy until the 16th when he went for a CT scan of his lung that needed to be done before the cyberknife procedure. The radiologist called his radioncologist and told him that he had "signifigant" pnemothorax (air) in his lung cavity. He insisted we take Jeffrey to the ER to get the air out. OK, so we take him and the ER doc says it is not "signifigant" but they put him in for observation. The next day at the hospital the pulmonologist on staff cames onto look at Jeffrey and says that Jeffrey looks good for a guy with one lung. I said that he should look even better because he has TWO lungs. Apparently, in a phone call, our cyberknife surgeon told the hospital doctor that Jeff had had a pumonectomy! NOT! Also, the same doctor called me on my cell phone at work to tell me that I need to pay 3000.00 cash to him on the day of the procedure because he didn't realize what kind of insurance we had and he doesn't take it. Now, mind you, the fiducials for the treatment have already been placed. That procedure and the lung

biopsy caused the pneumothorax to begin with!! Of course it is now a long week-end so I can't bang any drums. I am beyond frustrated with this whole thing.


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Trish, darn what a major bummer. You guys just can't relax a bit. Always something :shock:

I know tomorrow you will raise some kind of he*l with this. :twisted:

Thinking of you and praying this will pass fast and Jeffrey will get his scheduled cyber knife.

Keep us posted. That really sucks!


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