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Hello To All - This Is My First Time Posting


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I have been checking this forum since my mom's 2nd thoracentesis, which was 2 weeks ago. Before I continue - I want to let you all know you are in my thoughts and prayers. You are a terrific group of supportive people.

My mom is 83. She had a radical masectomy in 1997. Other than breast cancer, she is a very healthy woman. (Picture "Sophia" from the "Golden Girls" - that is what my husband and children call her sometimes - she's a hoot).

Within the last six months, two nodules on her lung and one on her spine have been discovered. The spine nodule was discovered when she was hospitalized with C-Diff (my mom is one of the C-diff cases where she did not acquire it through the use of antibiotics or hospitalization - she just "caught it"). She's also had fluid build up in the stomach and lungs. The first thoracentesis (about 1 liter of fluid was removed) did not reveal any abnormalities. The second, however(another liter of fluid), has resulted in the diagnosis of malignant pleural effusion.

Her Pulmonary MD said this is the breast cancer metastasizing. He said she will most likely require chemo. She also needs a PET and a Brain CAT - to make sure the cancer has not invaded the bones/brain. We have an appointment with an oncologist next Friday.

During the past year I have had a gut feeling that her cancer had returned. I am scared.

I don't even know if I belong here. Does this diagnosis mean the cancer could be in her lung too? Did any one here have breast cancer as the primary site?

Sorry this is so long - I tried to keep it short!

Thank you,


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I would like to welcome you Terese whether you belong here or not. I think there are a number of women who post here who have also had breast cancer. I am pretty sure that their lung cancer was a primary. I bet they post soon and relate their experiences to you.

I hope your mom's treatment whacks the cancer down.

Don M

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Welcome Terese,

Yes very often breast cancer may go to the

lungs as mets.

Her age actually is not against her, she got

bc at seventy-five and with age and less hormones

the cancer is slow down somehow.

Keep us posted on her chemo.

Best of luck


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Thanks to all for your kind words and quick response. I have been reading a lot about my mom's diagnosis - but I am just anxious and so is she.

I know you have all experienced the waiting period, so you know what it is like.

I will post an update after meeting with the oncologist.

Thanks again,


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Hello to all and thank you for your support.

We met with the oncologist Friday. My mom's next appointment with her is scheduled in 2 weeks. Before the visit, she will be getting a PET scan, and MRI of the brain and spine. After this, she will have a lung biopsy.

The results of all testing will determine the treatment. I did learn that the cancer cells in the pleura are ER Negative.

The oncologist was a bit concerned about my mom's recent bout with C-Diff. She said that it would most likely return with chemo treatment. But this is something we will deal with when the time comes to make decisions. One day at a time.

Thanks again for listening. I appreciate your input and support and will update soon.


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I am so sorry to hear about your mom, that cancer may have returned. I am very happy that you came to this site. Along with every one else I want to extend my welcome to you also.


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