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Effusion updated again


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Dad has a rough couple of days. Thursday when they tried to drain him using the CT assisted procedure, they used tubes that were too small. they had to do it over again on Friday. One side drained well the other appeared plugged. That night he coughed and spiked a fever. Pneumonia. The Pulmo peeked in on him and said...oh we forgot to open this little valve and then the second site began to drain very well. Sayurday morning, he's exhausted from all the poking and proding...being woke up every hour for this and that. He said he felt so bad he wasn't sure he was going to make it til morning.

Sunday Morning: Mom says he is sitting up. He's Coughing much less and went to the potty for the first time in about 4 days (damn, blessed pain killers). The mouth sores are horrible and he can;t eat or swalow. The Pulmonlogist wants to retalc dad's lungs to seal up these pockets. Hopefully they will do this once he's a bit stronger.

The onc says he has good news that he wants to share after Dad has another ct scan next week. We are crossing our fingers.

thanks so very much for all the prayers and good thoughts. I was laid up with a 24 hour bug. I am thinking I will go down next weekend. My sister is there right now and I can hear the relief in my mom's voice.

Much love,


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Hi Eppie.

Sounds like Dad has had some trying days. Poor guy. Glad he is feeling a bit better.

I wonder if they can put a semi permanent/drain until the fluid stops?

I wish I would have had this done, in hindsight rather than going with the talc procedure.

Keep us appraised on your Dad.

love, Cindi

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Eppie, glad your dad is getting better. He might ask the onc about a mouthwash called "magic mouthwash" for his sore mouth. The chemo is probably causing it, and this gargle will help. It is a mixture of three ingredients, one of which is prescription. Lucie has used it with success many times. Don

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Eppie, hope your dad is feeling better by the time you read this. I know how stressed you and your family must be. It is so difficult seeing our loved ones in distress. I will keep all of you in my thoughts and prayers.


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I'm so sorry that your dad is going through all of this. Those drainings are horrible and painful, but if he is sitting up, he must be doing better. Sending prayers that he gets out of there very soon so he can sleep!

Hope you are feeling better.


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