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Do you think "we" are more prone to puemonia


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Hi again....Just laying here wondering from my sick bed if we as LC survivor's are more susceptable to pneumonia and other lung issue's.....

In many of the profile's I have read about people with pneumonia...scares the bejesus out of you...First time I have had it and hoping the last....the coughing and hacking is just awful...feels like your ribs will break...

Katie B....Yes I think this flu test is relatively new...heard about it about a year ago...but not before than...and some one else said....great news about "just' being pneumonia...ha

Pam from Florida...you got that right....no Pam's do anything half a$$......I think we now have 3 Pam's here...you in Florida...one goes by Pammy and me PamS.

Ok guys ...have a great day and stay well...thinking of you alway's...God speed for a cure...


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My dx came from a bout of pneumonia and I had it again last summer.

As soon as I started a cold in January with an awful cough my PCP sent me for xrays even though she couldn't hear anything in my lungs.

She said that could it always be a problem.


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Hi Pam, Yes I think we are more likely to get it. I keep a supply of cough syrup (plus those pain pills that also stop the cough) on hand at all times, just in case I get sick and start to cough over the weekend or while I'm on vacation. We both teach, so it is a constant battle to avoid the cold or flu.

I catch the crud from students about twice a year and it always scares me. Knowing that perfectly healthy young people catch it and suffer too makes me feel better somehow. :twisted: Barb

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I have read over and over again that recurring pneumonia is a symptom of lung cancer. Once I was diagnosed I never worried about pneumonia again-duh!

I work with students who alway have something. My other problem is that the weather has been cold and rainy and my hair has not grown back fully. I wear a wig during the day and a little cloth cap in the house and I sleep in one also. Otherwise I get a really bad cold.

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I have had pneumonia twice since diagnosis and those were the first times in my life. I have had a pneumonia shot and get flu vaccinated every Fall. Pneumonia shot lasts about 10 years I was told. Ha!

Lungs are very fragile after treatment. Cannot properly clean themselves.

Cindi o'h

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Removed half of right lung July 04...came out of surgery with pneumonia in both (1 1/2) lungs and directly to the ventilator, unconconscious for ten days. Been hospitalized 4 times since with pneumonia and once more with congestive heart failure. Yes, no question about it, definitely more susceptible.

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