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almost 2 year


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I just browsed the webshots album, I just feel dad's death was so unreal as if it never happened, like he is still living, how come a healthy, strong man like my dad at his 58, can leave us so suddenly, 6 months after his diagnosis, he still looked so healthy, but in just 6 months after, he was dead...he looked so healthy, how come cancer can kill a person in just few months. I cried...as I miss him so much, he is so gorgeous, he smiled, he laughed just as if he is still alive. How can it be :-(

It's almost 2 year you had been gone. Dad, I truly miss you, when I am typing now, I just tear, I usually don't cry day by day, but when I sometimes am alone, I just miss you, when I look at your picture, I just tear....my heart still hurts, when i saw the picture you took durig 2003 x'mas eve, you didn't smile at all, i can imagine that how uncomfortable, how sick you felt at that moment because there was a brain tumor making you suffered. When I look back, I understand why you had such reaction.

How lucky we were when we had you around, being our dad. Dad, are you now in somewhere, like in a planet in this galaxy? Can you feel my love, my thankfulness, feel my sorrow now? I will do everything to get you back if I could have a chance again and if i could do anything to save you. Reality is so cruel. You were too young to die.

Dad, just wanna to let you know how much I miss you, how much I love you.

Your Sin Yiu, big baby, your pearl and long-aired bag

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I know how you feel. Much love pours through your post. I think he is out there in the universe. i know he shines through that new baby on the way to your family. I think he is.

Big hugs to you little sister.

Love, Eppie

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Berisa: time may soften the pain, but never the love. I believe that our love for our loved ones counts even after death. A few weeks before my dad died, I told him that he could take my love with him. Then he reached out and hugged me.

Don M

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