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Lung Cancer in Pittsburgh, PA


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Hello everyone. I just found this group and I am writing on behalf of my mom.

It was found that she has stage iv lung cancer and we just went to the Hillman center [uPMC Pittsburgh] yesterday to find out the treatment options.

I was not at all satisfied with the understanding by the doctor there. There was no team approach and they seemed very eager to enroll her into a clinical trial.

The clinical trial includes the two normal chemo drugs carboplatin and taxol and they want to add VALCADE as the trial drug. They say that they are doing this trial elsewhere in the USA but cannot give data about it's success thus far.

Should I be skeptical of a clinical trial that seems like it was almost pressured?

Also, has anyone else been exposed to this trial (or these drugs individually?

How important is a second opinion? At this point we are looking to proceed with the chemo because a second opinion can be attained even after treatment begins.

Can anyone direct me to other types of support groups in addition to this one that have alot of people participating?

Are there any options I am missing?

Thank you



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I would say yes in a heart beat!

Valcade is reported to be very successful in Europe. That is just my humble opinion. The carbo/taxol is very good at shrinking tumour but some folks get weary of the very bad side effects and have to change to other agents. Carbo taxol with more ooomph...doesn;t sound too bad.

GOod luck and let us know.

Much love,


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Hi John,

There is much to do. Now is the time to gather as much information as you can.

You need to explore all options before accepting treatment.

With a serious diagnosis such as lung cancer a 2nd or 3rd opinion is not uncommon and should be encouraged.

I don't know if there is a more active board than this for lc.

But, welcome and best to you and your mom in your decisons.

More will be by to help. So, keep checking back.

Cindi o'h

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I would recommend 2nd and/or 3rd opinions ASAP, along with as much info as you can dig up on your own. The best time to make decisions is BEFORE treatment begins; otherwise participation in a different clinical trial that you might decide is more appropriate may be negated. Good luck and keep in touch; we really care.

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John,I had good results with the carboplatin and Taxol.I also had a lot of side effects too but they were worth while.I also had radiation at the same time.

Second opinions are usually a good idea with this disease however UPMC and Hillman have been rated in the top in the country.

All my treatments and surgery were performed by UPMC Presby personnel at the VA hosp in Pgh.I have only the very best to say about them.

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Welcome John--Sorry to hear about your mom but glad you found us. I had Taxol (alone/not in a trial) and had very good success. As mentioned always good to get a second/third opinion. Research as much as you can. Stay positive and focused. Stay with us and let us know how your mom is doing. Hope this helps, prayers for the best. Rich

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A Note on Velcade From the resident researcher Randyw

Click on this Link for info on Velcade. Too much to post here so linked it. Good Luck and always think about 2nd opinion. Saying Prayers


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