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Newbie-Lots of questions


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Hi everyone...My mom, age 58 has been diagnosed with NSCLC with mets to the lymph nodes and adrenal gland and has been horribly sick with intermittant fevers and diarrhea for the last 2 months. In hindsight, she has had symptoms for over a year but ignored them against my admonitions that she go in. Anyway, I am glad to have found this site! I am hoping to find some answers that are not coming quickly enough for me. My mom is in a small community in Northern MN and I do NOT trust the doctors. Am trying to talk her into a trip to Mayo for a second opinion, not for a cure but a treatment to improve the quality of life that she has left.

Best wishes and prayers go out to all of you!


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Dear Tina, I am so sorry to hear that your mom has been diagnosed with lung cancer!! You are not alone, all of here know what you are experiencing, and can validate how you are feeling. I hope your mom will follow your advice and get a second opinion at Mayo!!

The amount of information that you must take in and how fast you must educate yourself when a loved one is diagnosed with cancer is incredibly stressful but this forum is full of information that should be very helpful in getting the answers that you need.

All the best wishes for your mom and the rest of your family. This battle has so many ups and downs, and one lesson that I have learned is to "Keep Hope Alive"..even when it all looks grim.

All the Best!


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Welcome aboard, Tina. Sorry you are here but glad you found us.

What Cancer center do you use currently and have you thought about local alternatives? I amlooking at 3 right now in Dulith. Follow these Links if you want info;


Scroll down to MN



Let me know If I can help in anyway and what you need. Saying A Prayer.

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Thanks Randy....She has seen one oncologist at St. Lukes in Duluth and since her discharge has seen him once three weeks ago, they haven't even suggested a follow-up. Another alternative is certainly SMDC Cancer Care Center but the politics for a referral from the SLH center to SMDC is unreal....you thought the republicans vs democrats was bad! Anyway...if I can't get my mom to agree to Mayo they are the next best thing. I used to work for that organization and they do have good people there as well. My mom is a stubborn finn/polish woman and if I could, I would put her over my shoulder and bring her in myself! :)

Thanks to everyone for their well wishes and prayers...it is helpful for me and my family knowing that there are so many prayers out there!

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Hi Tina,

Just want to welcome you and let you know that you are never alone here.

I am sorry for your moms diagnosis as that must have been quite a shock and turned her world upside down as well as yours.

Try all you can to get her a 2nd opinion, as there are so many treatments and I feel one will work for her.

LC is not necessarily a death sentence like it was years ago. Like I said before there are so many new treaments out there. Also there are many survivors here who have beaten the odds and have been stable for years.

I hope your mom comes around and gets another opinion.


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After reading so many postings on this board and sharing the success stories with her, we are working our way to a second opinion! Thanks to everyone who has shared their story!!! We should have all of her records by Monday next week and will go from there.

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