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Have a question regarding lung cancer survivor longevity.

David P

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Hi again.

I don't want to appear frivolous. I know there are very important, pressing issues on this board, and I hope I'm not just taking up space.

I did my first TV News interview today regarding my big race and the fundraising for Cops for Cancer, and my living with LC for so many years. The reporter did some research into lung cancer survivors and reported that I was the longest surviving lung cancer patient he could find on the Internet in North America. Does anyone know if this is true? Does anyone know anybody surviving longer? I know Mort Liebling, the inspiration for ALCASE survived 15 years, and I am trying to remember if I read something about a 25 year survivor somewhere on this website. I did send an email to ALCASE, but have not yet receivd a reply. Any help?

The interview today covered the lack of funding allocated to LC quite well, and the reporter said he would help me make it available through a link so all of you who are interested can check it out. Tomorrow I have a newspaper interview at 11:00, and another TV interview at 2:30. Phewf!!

We had 25 people get their heads shaved on Saturday and raised just over $8000.00. We also have a gala black tie event/casino/silent auction planned for September 8 which should raise quite a bit of dough as well. And I plan on hitting up all my students through the entire month of September for their junk food money by spinning the prize wheel at lunch time; a minimum donation and a spin of the roulette wheel wins them a prize(merchandise given to me by stores in local malls). It all culminates in another big headshave at my school when the Cops for Cancer police officers stop by the school on their second to last day of their epic ride. And yes, I'll be as bald as Dave Grant when it's all over, (I'll post a new photo :lol:)along with Mrs. Probst my Principal and about five or six other male and female teachers at my school (I think we'll get a few students as well). And finally, I think the cops will let me ride with them on that days ride right after the shaving, because... I may just be the World Champ if all goes as planned this weekend. I'll try to post one more time on Thurday,just before I leave for the race on Friday morning. Take care all.

David P.

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My mentor is a 16 yr lung cancer survivor. He had a Pancoast tumor like mine but it had got large enough that he had to have 3 ribs removed so I guess that would have bumped him up in staging. He is in his 70's . So I think you will out last him. Sounds like you are really getting the word out and are doing a great job at it. Thanks. Donna

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David P.

I think what you are doing is remarkable and I pray you are blessed for doing it.

I believe we all have a purpose here on earth and I think you have found yours. Your enthusiasm is certainly contagious and I wish you the best of luck on your ride. No matter what ...YOU ARE A WINNER.

I appreciate the awareness you are bringing to lung cancer.

Thanks so much!


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first off, I sure wish I could drive up and see your race and doings. I usually spend this holiday in Seattle for thier arts festival, and do some other wanderings as a vacation (I am from the Northwest, Portland, but live in So. Cal now) Anyway..this year has been hectic for me :wink: and I won't be doing that trip in 2003.

Anyway...I have asked this very question of ALL my docs. Thier answer is unanimous for stage 1a patients that have had surgery. They say *most* have gone on to live normal lengthed, long and reasonably happy lives, outside of the stigma we all share, and are still around after 20 years or more. My onc says he actually can't tell how long a lot have lived, or are still living, because after 10 years, they usually stop seeing him. His older 1a patients that have passed away usually do so for other reasons, and he mentions that the stats don't take that into consideration. A 70 year old DXed with stage 1a cancer is more likely to die of some other age related issue, but because they have the "cancer" tag, they seem to get lumped into that group for the 5, 10 year stats.

Makes sense to me. I do stats at work and KNOW how they can be manipulated and misleading sometimes. They are just #s.

Perhaps a poll of your docs might give you some more ammo, and maybe his/her long term survivors would be willing to come out of the closet and help you with the cold facts.

Just a thought.

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You da man Dave!!!! :D:D:D

Big Shoulders, strong legs and 1-LUNG !!!!!!! :shock::shock::shock:

KEEP IT UP DAVE!! Your a lot of peoples hero,

God bless, stay well and race hard :x

Bobmc- NSCLC- stageIIB- left pneumonectomy -5/2/01

" absolutely insist on enjoying life today!"

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Dave -

I was driving home from work today thinking about you!

Wishing you the VERY best of luck and health on your race - as someone else already said - you're a winner no matter what place you get.

(((((((((((((((((CYBER HUG))))))))))))))))))))))

for all you are doing for US and others!

***********CYBER KISS****************

(on the cheek!) for good luck!


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