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Cancer spread to brain...symptoms of delirium UPDATES!!!!!

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Eni, my heart aches for you. You and your family are in my prayers.

Now I'm more worried about my dad. I don't know how he is going to deal with this. he doesn't have many close friends. He has experienced the loss of his mother, father, and sister but he commented that my mother is the most important person to him. Even though I'm there for him I feel like he is alone. This scares me so much. I'm still strangely numb at the moment.

Your dad situation sounds a lot like my dads. He also had lost his mom, dad and brother and does not have many close friends. At first it was very hard for him and I know ( because he told me) that he hoped his time would come soon. He was ready and just wanted to go be with mom. Now six months later he really seems to be happier and starting to enjoy life again. I still worry about him but he is doing better. I will say special prayers for your dad as I know he will need them.

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My Dad went thru WBR. It really did not give him too many negative side effects. It seemed much less brutal than the chemo. His hearing is almost gone though in one ear and his head discolored from it. But he was only given months to live so all that paled in comparison to just getting a bit more time. If he had not done chemo/radiation he was only given two weeks.

HOWEVER, remember that WBR will shrink the tumors but not get rid of them. Are they agreeing that this treatment for you Mom will be palliative and not prophylactic? Meaning, at this point, they are not saying the cancer could go into remission, right? The only hope with my Dad was that the chemo would shrink the tumors in his body and the WBR would shrink the tumors in his brain. Just remember that if your mom gets the radiation, that one day she will likely get to this point again. That is not for sure, because of the dexa, but could be.

That is what saddens me about my Dad. Yes, we got about 7 more months out of his chemo/radiation tx but those 7 months were hard and full of struggle for my father. To only end up at the same end result. I wonder if it would have been better to just have let the CA run its course. ?? I think having the time was better for him though, to resolve some things. And that is what counts.

Anyway, rambling now. :roll: Please know that you will be in my prayers and thoughts. This time is so hard, I know. You are doing all you can, you are a good daughter.

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I am so sorry to hear this. I have tears welling in my eyes as I reread what you have written...noone deserves to be a part of this horrible occurance. I want you to know that I am praying for you, and I am so sorry that this has been such a horrible ordeal. Cancer is a wave that takes everyone in its path and tumbles them all around.

I pray that God grants you peace in your heart, and that your mom has peace, and renewed health.

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I believe the success or otherwise of WBR depends somewhat on the size of the lesions.....Mum had in excess of 8 spots, one was around 2cm. Four months after completing treatment, all of the smaller ones had disappeared completely. I spoke to a radiation oncologist about WBR, and he said that he had several patients doing well some years after completing WBR

I hope that your Mom responds well to her treatment.

All the best,


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My husband had 13 brain tumors and trust me, he was completely out of it. They can be dealt with by cyberkniofe or gamma knife. Our Doctor has removed 40 brain tumors from one person so I know it can be done. Very few doctors will do this because it is not standard protocal but if she is responding to the chemo in the rest of her body then I would demand treatment ASAP. I know the brain thing is scary but I certainly not throw in the towel!

Best to you,


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Eni, so sorry to read of this devastating news. I hope things are going better for your family now that there have been several more days of treatment since your last post in this thread.

Hoping to see some better news from you soon; prayers going out for your family,


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Hi Eri,

Thinking about you today and I pray you mom is showing signs of improvement.

When I read some of the posts to you many have been in her shoes and has improved. I pray this is the same for her.

Maryanne :wink:

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I remember when mom was diagnosed with brain mets and it was very difficult to see the changes.. that hardest thing in my life so far at that point. The decadron was nutty to say the least, and WBR in hindsight may not have been the best BUT, I was able to have 10 months with my mom. I spent every spare moment I could being with her and learning from her and loving her. She wasn't the same person as she was before but who is really? SHe was still my Mommy and I loved her any way I could get her.

I pray for some miracles for your family and I hope that you are given some of the gifts I have recieved over the year. Your dad will be okay eventually too, men are different that way, they need to figure things out for themselves.



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Here are the LATEST updates on my mother:

She was finally dischared from the hopsital last Thursday. They started the brain radiation on her while she was still in the hospital and started a new form of chemo (pill). She was still out of it when she returned home. At this point family members were flying in to see her. Her house was a bit crowded. She was still very "loopy" from time to time, but starting to comprehend more. She was actually able to have conversations with people.

10 rounds of brain radiation and continuing the chemo. I'm not sure where we go from here. She has nurses coming in the house every few days, although I'm not sure that she needs them right now. She is able to bathe herself, eat, dress etc.

The turn around completely AMAZES me. She still has trouble remembering days and does get confused from time to time. She really does not remember being in the hospital at all. She also hasn't really spoken to the doctors regarding her condition and I don't think she wants to know exactly what is happening to her.

I have been taking her to her radiation on my days off from work. Today I had a conversation with her and asked if she was scared. She said she is very scared, but she will keep fighting this because she doesn't want to leave my dad, brother, and I. If anything is to happen she wants me to take care of them and to be strong. We both started crying while having this conversation, but this has been something I've wanted to ask for so long. I love her with all my heart and enjoy spending this time with her. The scariest thing is that I fear going through all of this again. At some point it is inevitable, but I have to take each day as they come.

I want to let you all know that there is hope. I appreciate the kind words,prayers, and support from all of you! I send my love!

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