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Rain,Rain,Go Away.(a little OT)?.

Frank Lamb

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We have been getting rained on so much here lately that the aches and pains that go daily with having lung cancer have all of a sudden been joined with aches and pains from just about everything from every day boo-boos to nearing old age.

I have had to attribute all this rainy weather to all my good friends in the Great Lakes States and the West Coast Area since all our weather usually always comes from there.

Hence I figured I may as well stop by Cindi's Pub for a brew and buy my good friends a drink in hopes they would turn off the rain spigot and guess what?


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Ah Frank!!!!You NEVER fail to keep us motivated! Raining here too..........so I'm up for a drink or "SO"! Nice that we can move onto the 'pool/deck' area at Cindi's, isn't it? She keeps quite a place for all of us, doesn't she?

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I hope that is Bud Lite in that keg. everyone says get bread and milk before a storm. I would rather get Chef Boy R Dee and Budweiser no refrig and won't spoil or mold.

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We finally had some rain down here in FL yesterday. I think we went almost 2 months without any considerable rain and we certainly needed it!

Today is nice - might hit 80. I even shut off the air conditioning and opened up all the windows. For all those who still are dealing with lots of rain, I will lend you my umbrellas and raincoat, but I will need to have them back before hurricane season starts!

Pam in FL


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Frank, I just love you to pieces. I remember more than two years ago that you could barely even type a short sentence, and Ry wouldn't let you off the hook with her teasing! :wink: Just look at you now - posting pictures and even making paragraph breaks! :):):) What a guy!

I'm with you on the rain. The only difference between here and where you are is that you guys got it all big dumps - we've had it continually for a week and a half - every single day! Today is the first day since last Monday that we are going to have sunshine, but that's even short-lived. It's going to start raining again late this afternoon through tomorrow morning. The good news is that they are predicting sunny days for Sat. and Sun.

Tell Connie to kiss all those boo-boos and enjoy your private "keg".



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It's hard enough keeping spirits up, but add to that almost 3 months of rain.

In WI here it has been either raining or overcast since March. I think there have been only 15-20 sunny days scattered randomly in there.

We've been waiting for the opportunity to correct some landscaping damage that occured last fall, but haven't been able to yet because it either raining, or the sunny days are too spaced apart that the ground can't dry enough before it starts to rain again :twisted:

I think I need to move to Arizona, nice and dry and sunny.

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