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Moms salvage chemo is savage


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my mothers oncologist ordered salvage chemo monday p.m. 780 mg of Alimta. she weighs 120. ok response except for some skin itchin and rash then suddenly starting late last nite worst ever extreme fatigue shortness of breath and ach and pains. severe right flank pain to. pains seems to move around to different parts of her body. this morning her legs ache. she is so weak and short of breath that she cant stand up without holding onto something and cant walk. she can barely talk cuz she must gulp for air. dr says that this is fairly common for Alimta with extreme advanced disease that has been treated with chemo over nad over. this is why he considers it salvage chemo. no more salvage chemo unless her condition improves and scans show that tumor mass in her right lung has shrunk away from her aorta and spine and her vision improves/

special thanks to Peggy for all the messages of support. I sharedcthem with my mother and she says thanx


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Hi Rob,

You are very welcome for the PMs. I know how hard this is for you and your dad. As you can see below, I've traveled the road you and your dad are traveling and so has my son, and we feel your pain.

I do pray that Alimta has done some good, but mostly I hope that your poor mother gets some relief from her horrible pain and breathing troubles. I had trouble getting my breath one time, just for about one minute, and just that one minute scared the wits out of me. It causes a very panicy feeling. Is your mom getting morphine? If not, please see if she can get it because it really helps them not feel panic. She may have to have large doses and frequent which will make her sleep a lot, but at least she won't be scared.

Take care, honey, and God bless you!


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Saying Prayers For all Of You. I hope that the salimta will help and her pain will be eased I know from experience this is not good to hear of.I pray she will get some relief and things will get better. The only experience I had with Pain was Morphine that Deb was on. There is a sticky in New Meds forum on pain and PM if I can help in anyway. always around.

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My mom has ben in the hopsital 4 times this month. her at home drugs are scattered all over the dining room table - newest drugs datedd yesterday are -

2 boxes of FENTANYL transdermal system - 5 in each box - 50 mcg/hr - 1 patch every 3 days

morphine sulf 30mg tab SA - 1 every 8 hours

alprazolam 0.5 mg tab - 1 tab 4 times daily

temazepam 15mg capsule - 1 at bedtime

I know that her hospital drugs are a little different. same as the at home drugs but she getsc diladid either 2 or 4 mg ( sp) IV every 3 hours and mscontin 30mg morning and eve instead of morphine every 8 hours. I think that mscontin may be same or simlar as her at home morphine though. in the hospital she also gets Ritalin every 4 hours from morning to 4 pm

thanks for the replies and pain concerns. hope this is enough help her for now. mom has ben having hallucinations in the hospital. her memory is shot. doctors says its the patch causing amnesia. some one will visit her and she doesn't remember 5 min ;later. she also keeps saying that she sees a pair of hands over her head. hospital chaplain visits and says that hands over head vision is sort of common in terminal patients. this scares me. is this true. her doctor told me that she is so sick that she will die soon. the Alitma was given to try and buy her a little time but as I told you shes having lots of problems with it already


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Dear Rob and Bill

Please know that we are thinking of the three of you. Mum also experienced hallucinations/delusions and personality changes, and I know how devastating it is to witness. I hope that things improve and that your Mom is able to be made comfortable.

Love and best wishes to your family......


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