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cant find an answer

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Was dx June 2005 52 yr old male smoker,mass in left lung less than 3cm, no lymph node involvment, but went to brachial plexus,Pancoast tumor, had vat surgury to clean everything they could, followed up with three heavy duty cycles of chemo in the fall( carboplatin and taxol) follwed up with 38 treatments of radiation completeing all in the last week of April 2006.

They (Sloan Kettering)want to have scan done approx 6 weks after the radiation, but I had one done 3/4 of the way through treatment in march 2006 to see if i had a pulmonary embolism, that was neg but they also said that there were no signs of desease.

Now my dilemma in the last few days almost 4 weeks since my last treatment i have started to sweat on just one side of my face again which is a symptom of pancoast tumor,I also in the last to weeks started to cough which I havent done since i quit smoking last June.

My question could this be a reaccurence already just a few weeks after treatment or is it just all irritated from the radiation, I am not scehduled for next visit till June 6th, when they will schedule another scan for a base line.

Your thoughts


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My best advice is to call your doctor and tell him the symptoms you're having and your concerns. It's never "jumping the gun"...it's being proactive in your own care. If you have concerns, call. My Physician's Assistant and Mom's doctors remind us "the squeaky wheel gets the grease" and I whole-heartedly believe it!

Plus, nothing would feel better than to have your fear relieved, right?

It IS possible for something to creep back up rather quickly between scans...at least with the NSCLC that Mom's fighting, but I don't know much about Pancoast. There are others with more experience with those who I'm sure will drop by to let you know.

Hugs and many prayers that you get to feeling better and that it's simply "something else" going on that's easily taken care of. xoxo

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Hi Tom,

First of all, welcome to our group.

Secondly, I was coughing soon after completing radiation treatment. It began suddenly and persistently. It was dry almost asthma sounding. Wheezing, you know? It turned out to be radiation pneumonitis. This might be a reason to consult your onc. or pulmonologist. I was put on steroids and antibiotics and that helped to take the inflammation down. Don't delay if your cough is out of control or if you have shortness of breath with it or have trouble sleeping. It needs to be checked and treated if that is what this is for you.

And thirdly, your unilateral sweating...don't know. Can't help you there. Maybe someone else will be by to help you.

Cindi o'h

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Welcome. I am a Pancoast Tumor survivor. When I was diagnosed the normal protocol was daily radiation and chemo for 6 weeks, re scan if shrunk and away from the blood vessels and nerves in that area, then surgery , then more chemo (see below).

I am a little confused with your post. First I can not imagine doing Vats for a tumor way up in the apex of your lung, must have been a very talented doctor. Second, if the tumor was removed first, what are they aiming the radiation at?

I do want to say I am an 8 plus year survivor and have no evidence of disease. Wishing you also to be friends with NED.

Donna G

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You bring up very good questions when I had the Vat surgury they were able to remove the tumor in my left lung there was no lymph node involvment, they were also able to get to the brachial plexus and remove all that they could see to clear margins, after I copleted my chemo treatments, they wanted to open me up completely with a nuero surgeon but all my test came back,cat scan,pet scan and mri of the plexus NED, they recommended just radiation and monitoring from here on out. Now i did sweat on just my right side prior to all my treatments, which is a sign of pancoast tumor, now here i am 4 weeks post final treatments and sitting here gettting drenched prfusely all over again just on my right side :?:

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Hi Tom, I am sorry to hear this has happened to you.

I agree with Cindi, the cough is most likely from radiation but still nothing to fool around with. Your docs (or their nurses) need to find out about the cough and sweating as early as possible this week.

You could leave calls with more than one, in case they are busy or called out of town. If you say you are having same symptoms as before being dx'd, they will definitely pay attention.

Good luck Tom, Barb

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I am 6 years out from removal of my Pancoast tumor, which leaves behind the Horner's syndrome (sweating on half the head and upper body, slight droop and inset to the eye, sluggish dialation of one eye) and I STILL SWEAT BY HALF only.

No, I think it means that the damage the tumor in situ did is done, and you are going to sweat like that for a while at least. Some of my post surgical-rad-chemo symptoms have gone completely, and some have not, like the sweating.

Don't get all in an uproar before you have your facts -- talk to the doctor.

And remember -- it's wierd, but it's the new you!



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Thank you for your informative post, I was afraid that the tumor was back rather quickly in my brachiaL plexus, the sweating dissapeared after my surguries and during my chemo and radiation treatments only to return approx 4 weeks after my final radiation treatment.I was under the impression that only happened if the tumor was still there, also i do not have the drooping eye, just the sweats :oops: which becomes somewhat embarrasing when it is only happening down half of your face.

Thank You, I will keep all posted after my visit on the 6th of june

prayers to all,


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