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Hi Everyone,

It's been a while since I've posted, but have been reading everything. It seems like it's been soooo long since this all first started for me on April 11th. Anyway, yesterday was the consultation at Dana Farber in Boston. The recommendation for first line treatment is chemo carbo/taxol/avastin. Next visit with local onc is 6/14 and will probably start treatment right away (next week). Has anyone out there had experience with this combination of drugs? I believe the initial regime will be a full day of treatment once every three weeks. Guess this will be verified on my visit on the 14th. Does this sound right? They also mentioned possible radiation and other options down the line. Their initital thought is to see what happens with chemo. I'm excited and scared at the same time. What if I'm allergic to the med's....what if it doesn't work...what if...what if.....someone just knock me out!!!!! All joking aside, I'm trying very hard to stay positive. It just feels so much better when I'm able to do so. I do a lot of praying for acceptance of what is and for help to direct my energy in a productive rather than destructive direction. It's a challenge.......

Hugs and prayers for everyone,


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Lori -

You are in charge now! It has to feel better to know that you have the options of many game plans! We are all here to support you -- get going on the chemo and get this thing under control!



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Sounds like you have an aggressive treatment plan in place -- that's wonderful. Only have experience with the taxol/carbo....we didn't have avastin in the mix. First treatment will be longer for sure as they give the first treatment slower and watch for how your body reacts to it -- don't worry about that part: they monitor very closely and will probably give you something like Benydryl, which helps prevent any potential allergic-type reactions.

We did chemo for a bit first before radiation started too. What we were told is that the chemo goes to work first....not only destroying the cancer, but that chemo also "roughs up" or sensitizes the tumor(s) somehow so that future radiation can be maximally effective.

You're gonna' do great. Keep us posted!



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The plan sounds good to me. Lucie is presently on taxol/carboplatin/avastin. Her first chemo was taxotere (relative of taxol)/carboplatin. They did not have avastin back then. She did well on the original and is doing well on this one. Wish you the best. Don

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this is a quote from another member, "Die Tumour, Die" This is a combo I have not dealt with CArbo Taxo and Avastin ought to kick this little bugger right between the eyes. Sending positive thoughts and energy as well as prayers for you. THink positive and about beating the Crap out of this cancer. Die Tumour Die!! It is ok to be afraid of the unknown. but be brave and remember we are here whenever you need us.

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Hi Lori,

I had six rounds of taxol/carbo and avastin. It worked very well and I've continued on with the avastin since then.

Ditto Don M with the WATER. Sooooo important.

I'd be glad to answer any questions you have as you go along.

Best wishes,


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Dear Lori (fellow Connecticut-er)!

I can only echo what the others have said. Len and taxol and carbo without the avastin and did very well -- they loaded him up with benedryl and other anti-reaction meds and monitored him very carefully, and he was fine! He also did it at three week intervals and followed the chemo up, later, with radiation (just in case....).

So don't let the "what if's" run away with you. Just focus on the treatment that's getting you better!

Keep us posted,


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