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My sob is gone!


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Just wanted to share my experience getting rid of sob.

I've had sob for last 6 years. I thought it was the lc surgery plus chemo & radiation, so did my doctors. After all the walking and yoga with no real improvement, I felt this was as good as it was going to get.

Then I had angiogram the last week of May and doctors found my right coronary artery was totally blocked which they reopened with two stents. Sob is now very minimal even hiking at 9000 feet! I am so happy I can breath again!

Anyway, my coronary symptoms before angiogram were minimal. Stress tests, EKG, blood work, echo were all OK. Early coronary heart disease does not run in my family and being female and only 52…I had to be persistent to get docs to do the angiogram.

So sob is not necessarily from lc. In fact, my chemo and radiation treatments 6 years ago may have irritated the interior of the artery so that plague got an extra and early foothold. (or maybe it was just one-too-many deep fried cheese curds?)

It might seem strange to post coronary artery disease under "good news", but it feels so great to be able to breath again. In the last 4 weeks I've felt like a new woman. :D:shock::D Barb

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