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As we hit month 17 (they told us 12-18 months 17 months ago, those wacky Drs!), Mom is still very strong. She picked up some sort of bacterial pulmonary infection on the flight back from Cabo that put her down for about 10 days, but she had an amazing time in Cabo. I'm so glad she got to go!

They told us today that our Tarceva miracle has waned. She has had virtually no growth for the past 17 months, and we are so grateful! Today they saw a 25% increase in the primary and some new spots in her lungs. Her Dr wants to be proactive and attack from a position of strength, so she is starting with Gemzar next week. Because of her kidney issues, she can't do Carbo. with it, but he hopes that the Gemzar will help suppress the growth of the tumors.

She was a bit shaken this morning, but is rebounding well. She was so proud of Tay (See "Bronze Award" under General) who was with us today and wanted to 'show her off' to the nurses, so she pushed back her fears. We also had planned to go to lunch with some girl friends today, so that helped as well.

Right now she is baking patriotic cupcakes with the kids. She just amazes me.

:) Kelly

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Can I lick the bowl and the beaters!!! :) Glad all is going ok right now. Sorry about Tarceva and praying for Gemzar. Deb had Gemzar Navy Bean when she started her fight and had good results for a while. :wink:

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Crossing everything that this next run works!

Question for you: Why were you told your mom couldn't do Carboplatin because she's on dialysis? My mom was on hemodialysis and initially received IRESSA, then Tarceva, and then moved onto Taxol/Carbo (had amazingly good response) and finally Erbitux and Taxotere (one round of each). When she received the Taxol/Carbo, this was her schedule: Mon: Taxol, 3hrs Tues: Taxol, 3hrs, Carbo 3hrs, dialysis 3hrs Wed: Taxol 3hrs Thurs: dialysis, 3hrs

She was admitted each time she had chemo (once/mo) for three days, and her nephrologist and oncologist worked together on monitoring her. When the Taxol/Carbo no longer worked, she was given the option of doing Alimta, but told up front that it would destroy what little kidney function she had (she had 17% and maintained that until the end), and she opted to do Erbitux instead.

I realize not all patients are the same, and maybe your mom is on peritoneal dialysis?? My mom went to Cancer Treatment Centers of America, and we were shocked to find out that they actually had a handful of ESRD patients on chemotherapy. There isn't a lot of info out there, because normally studies are done on patients who subsequently need dialysis as a result of chemotherapy, not patients who are already on dialysis who need chemo.

Here is a link to a study on Carbo/Taxol combo on hemodialysis patients. However, the study is for ovarian cancer patients:

http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/entrez/quer ... t=Abstract

I do have a few more articles saved on my desktop I may be able to get to later. For now, I just wanted to post this for you.

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