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How Did You Get Your Username (Part 2)


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I recently replied to a thread that was started in 2004. Not only is that thread long but it has replies from a lot of members that have passed on. It was a good thread and I thought it was worth keeping open so I bumped it to the top. I did not relize it might be painful for some and I apoligize for that.I am starting a new thread for this. Here is a link to the old thread in case someone might like to look over it.


Debaroo wrote...

there are some pretty interesting 'usernames' here, and I'm figuring based on some of them-namely my own-that many of us use a nickname of some sort...so if you are willing to share, I'd LOVE to hear the background of some of these names. Also, if yours is not a nickname, but just a username for this site, what made you come up with it? I figure sharing some of this info. will be interesting, and telling...

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One of my passions is gardening. I was lucky enough to inherit that from both of my parents. I really like planting seeds for all of the different varieties you can get. If the pack says the plants will be 24” tall, my husband would tell you that at our house it will be twice that size if not triple. I have flowers everywhere in my yard, you can look out any window and see flowers and that’s how I got my nickname Flower Junke.

Once I planted pumpkin seeds, (not allowed anymore) and the pumpkins got so big it took 2 people to move them. The pack said 100 lb pumpkins and they weren’t kidding!


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When I first got on line ...I belonged to sort of a 'coffee glotch' bunch of gal's...It was ten of us...and they most had user names ending in tart...Thus came my name 'pistoltart'...It was they who came up with the name for me...hmmmmm I wonder why?....hee....PamS.

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