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Well it's been a year since they removed my right lung. I waffle between it being worth it or not. Lately it seems I have spent more time with the ER Docs than with my wife. I keep getting these little episodes of SOB. I get some breathing treatments, some antibiotics, and inhalers and everything seems to be fine until the next time the weather changes. I got a cold just last week. Went to see my wife in San Antonio (She's learning how to be a manager), and when I got back I was at the SOB stage of having to go into the hospital again. Today they checked to see if I had a blood clot in my lung. Nothing on the scans. The X-Ray was fine, nothing to see, the Cat Scan was unreadable they said because of some movement, One lungers can't hold their breath forever and when you are SOB already it is extremely difficult, so on to the contrasting imaging with a special x-ray that doesn't care if you move. Nothing to see. The plan is to use inhalers and a ten day steroid treatment to see if that helps. I just don't know anymore. I start feeling better and something else comes up. Just not diggin my new normal right now.


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Congratulations on your first year out Ralph! :D

The first year is the hardest. I am sorry your SOB is acting up. They did take your whole lung, and the big one to-boot.

Have your docs considered some of the SOB could be from heart? I had SOB pretty bad until docs found my right side of heart was completely blocked. The right side of heart pumps the blood to the lungs, so if it's not working 100% then blood is not moving through lungs. It is possible to be walking around with 100% blocked right artery and not know it, especially if the left artery spreads over to help out right side. I had two stents to right coronary artery and now I can breath.

My docs didn't want to do angiogram because statistically I didn't fit the profile for someone with heart disease. But now I find out that chemo and radiation can damage the heart.

My God Ralph, my post is getting longer than yours. :lol: I would just encourage you to check out every possibility because even a little improvement in SOB is worth it.


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Ask about Pleural Effusion, Maybe? Buil dup of fluid around Cardio Sac causes SOB. If you already thought of that I am :oops: If not worth asking. Congrats on 1 year and hang in there.

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Congrates on your ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY! :wink:

I found the first two years to be a bugger for me. I too had the SOB for a good two years and all the happy crap to go with it. However, it was all very treatable and doable but I too got sick and tired of seeing doctor's offices over and over again.

Treadmill, I got a treadmill the second year after I completed my treatments, and it really helped with my breathing. :D

You may even have some radiation damage. That's NOT uncommon. However, most Rad Doc's don't want to own up to it for some damn reason! :roll: I know a few people that ended up with some radiation damage and the first few years after treatments were really hard for them, but they are doing better now.

I too was going to mention heart. Chemo and Radiation can and does play havoc on our hearts. I know that NOW!!! (having had 3 open heart surgeries) :shock::roll::wink: They did tell me at Mayo that some of my heart problems are chemo & radiation caused. It's always something!

Hang in there buddy! You'll get better as time moves on. Wish I could tell you that you'll be all better in a week or so, but in time you'll see it getting better.


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I had 1/2 my left lung removed 4 1/2 years ago. I also have breathing problems. I had a pleural effusion and had surgery to correct it. My problems stem from my asthma and COPD. I have a nebulizer now and feel this really helps. It put in albuteral. I had been using it 3 times a day before my 2nd surgery and now use it once a day in addition to my asthma meds (Advair, singular, and antihistamins)

I often complain to my dr's about my breathing but they say my lungs sound clear. I try to remember to do breathing exercises . They usually help if I can remember to do them.

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