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good news but nervous 'again'


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Hi kids...it's 'Nonni aka pistoltart"....Katie was kind enough to change it for me to Nonni so I would have that addy on my pc AND webtv...

Wanted to let you guys know..that this past thursday I celebrated my 2nd anniversary since surgery...PRAISE GOD...

Now on Monday I have to go for my yearly CT/Scan...me nervous and the dang 'boogie man' is in the back of my head....so please you guys..I could sure use some prayers...thank you...I am such a 'wimp"....I know we all get nervous..but I think I do extremes...

I don't have an appointment with the onc until November...but I am NOT waiting for then for results...I will call him and push it up...

See I wasn't supposed to have one till Nov...but if you recall my last chest exray was 'supposeingly good"...no sign of mass or infiltrate' but still suggested a Ct...that's why I am having it done earlier...

Sorry I haven't been on for a while..lots going on...my son in a big custody battle and takes away a lot of my energy ..sigh..hopefully things will work out soon...

Hugs to all...hope everyone is well or getting better...prayer's continue to go up every single night...love you guys...PamS..

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Well, happy 2nd anniversary Pam!! Jeesh, it doesn't seem that long ago!!

As you know, we all get nervous and I don't think there is anything such as 'extreme' when it comes to scan time-- we all get nuts, don't feel bad!! Let us know as soon as you find out about your results but I'm thinking they are going to be good.

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Girl don't you know that I use the karma from your scans. Your scans have been so good that I go in there saying I want the same scan results as Pistoltart. Now I will just change and karmatize up on getting the same great scans as Nonni. You are going to be just fine. As far as that "Boogie Man in the back of your head". Well the devil is a liar and the truth ain't in him.

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