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My Dad is Fighting


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Hi, my name is Giulietta and my dad was diagnosed 6/23. He was having back pain which soon grew into trouble walking. Ortho docs found a mass on his spine so they did an emergency spinal compression on 6/23. When my dad awoke he found out he had stage four lung cancer that had spread to his spine.

The past three months have been a blur. Started chemo and radiation to spine. Mass in lung grew and mets to brain. Hospitilized twice- pnemonia and now dehydration. Started avastin last week. I am hoping and praying he starts making progress and that he gets some strength back because right now he has none.

I live in upstate NY (trying to open a restaurant) and he lives in Philly. My move and his diagnosis happened simultaneously.

My heart is breaking- seeing him so sick and being so far away. I am trying not to lose hope.

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Welcome. I am glad you found us. I hope your dad has recovered from the pneumonia and dehydration. Chemo is so hard on the immune system. He needs to keep up on his fluids, it will help with the chemo (and keep the dehydration at bay). Let us know how things go with Avastin-- it is working well for my husband. I wish the same for your dad.

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Hello and welcome

I am sorry you had reason to find a site such as this but glad you have posted and told us about your dad.

I have no real advice but wanted to say hello and let you know that this is the best site for finding information, advice and tons of support and hope.

Let us know how we can be of help, whether you just need a place to vent or need answers to questions. We are here for you,


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I'm so sorry this is happening to you. My Dad passed away last January, 6 months after spinal and brain mets were found. I know how hard it is to be given such a diagnosis.

Try to be strong and to be there for your Dad. Praying for better days.

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sending prayers for Dad and GOOD LUCK with the restaurant or is it getting temporarily on bacvk burner? Avastin has been godd for several people here but my wife passed hours before she was to start on the treatment. I work For a Steakhouse in Greensboro NC so, good Luck with that!

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Hello and welcome Coltrane914,

I am so terribly sorry for all that you are going through.

My Dad is also stage 4 and is fighting. I know how very dificult this time is for you, but please, please, pleeeease... read the stories of long term stage 4 survivors on this board. There are many amazing people here to help you along the way with advice and inspiration. Avoid looking at statistics on the net. They are old and out date, not to mention... based on large numbers. Your Dad and my Dad are most certainly NOT numbers!

Wishing the very best to you and your family,

Stay strong,


P.S: Is your user name Coltrane as in John Coltrane ? :)

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Thanks to all of you for such nice welcoming responses. At such a dark dismal time it is nice to know I have people like you out there that really understand what my family and I are going through.

I will not loose hope and I will continue to be behind my dad 100%. He is not Superman and I am not Superwoman but I have to believe we can come close.

Yep, Rod- Coltrane for John Coltrane....I am a big jazz fan and Coltrane is actually our dog's name.

Thanks to all of you.

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