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A very concerned daughter


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Hello. My mother was diagnosed with Non small cell lung cancer stage 1B three 1/2 years ago. They did surgery and that was the only form of treatment. For the last three years all of the scans have showed up with no signs of reoccurence. Then two weeks ago, the scan showed three enlarged lymph nodes and nodules in the pleural.

She has gone back for two more scans and an MRI. All coming back with the same results.

She is going for a second opinion tomorrow at Duke. She also has a biopsy with an attempt to remove all the lumph nodes.

What I would like to know is if anybody has gone through this and what to expect. When i read about reoccurence, it is very negative.

Will my mother be able to live a normal life after this.

Any advice will be great!

Thanks and take care,


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Wait until the biopsy is performed. That will be the definitive test. Recently, a PET scan indicated spots on my liver, the doctor ordered an MRI then a CT scan, and they all indicated something was definitely there. I was worried sick. When the biopsy was performed, it turned out to be benign fatty tissue that was inflamed. I recommend you wait for the biopsy until you start asking those other questions.

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Hello Alexan and welcome

I agree with TomK.. Wait for the biopsy and then take it from there. Praying that the spots on your mom's scans are benign and nothing to worry about.

Please keep us posted and know that we are here to help you out however we can.

Best regards,


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THat is the best advice right there. Wait for results of Biopsy and pray for nothing. HTink Positive. Prior surgery could be just scars or nothing at all. Duke Is a great facility and is always on top of everything. A good friend of mine in Greensboro has had 2 surgeries in 2 years. Second had a little Chemo and she is doing great. My late wife was too late for surgery but fought at wesley fo almost 3 years. Prayers for good news and let us know what you find out. THINK POSITIVE THOUGHTS!!!! :wink:

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You will have to wait and see what the biospy reads.

You just may be stressing over nothing. That has happened many times before. Just try to relax, I know the anxiety after being C free...

Let's wait and see...

Keep us posted were are here to support you.

Maryanne :wink:

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