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so sleepy


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Hi There,

Today my Father has been really tired - well he's been tired since he came home from the hospital. He's also on hospice care now. I'm so worried that this is it. I heard that being constantly tired is an indication of the body shutting down. Anyone know of anyone that has bounced back from being extremely fatigued? Anyone know of anyone being referred to hospice then having to cancel services because of a major improvement/miracle?



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Never Had the Chance to usde hospice. Deb was always tired, but pretty much the norm until she passed away. Not really excessively tired. I wish I had more advice for you but The best I think I can offer is prayers and Hugs for everyone right now.

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Hi Shirley:

I hope your dad gets some strength back and bounces right out of hospice. I don't know of any specific instances, but I have heard that some people go to hospice for a while and then check out when they feel better. I have had 2 chemo regimes and one radiation treatment in the last 2 years. I am about a month out of my treatment now, and I still feel tired, but I am feeling better. I think the tiredness persists for a while after you complete treatment.

Don M

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Hi Shirley. Twice now my Mom has gone into an almost coma like state. She would sleep for 2 or 3 days barely waking up at all and not eating or drinking anything. Both times we thought this was it. Both times she rallied and came back from it. I will say though that mentally she is getting worse and worse. More often she doesn't make sense than does because the brain mets are getting worse.

It's a long hard road for everyone. My prayers are with you Shirley.

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