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Need your advise about Surgery

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Hi everyone. Some of you know my mom had VATS surgery on Thursday

10/5/06. She is doing very well and going home today. However I need

your advise. For those of you who don't know her history she was

diagnosed with Stage IV NSCLC. She just had a small tumor under her

armpit (axillary lymph node) removed on 8/31/06 and she just had

surgery on Thurday to remove the 2.0 cm tumor in her upper left lung

lobe. The next day the Thorasic surgeon came to see my mom and he

told us that he doesn't believe that the mass was cancerous and that

it was scar tissue. He said they still have to wait for the pathology

results, but that was his first thoughts. Now I don't know what to

think of this. Has anyone else every had this happen???? The

oncologist said not to draw any conclusions and to wait until the

pathology results come in. Please send me your thoughts.

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I wonder this too. My moms whole senario was not typical of lung cancer in the begining. She does not have any regional involvement but they staged her with Stage IV because they said the Axillary lymph node was considerd metastatic. I'm wondering if she has another type of cancer and that they just assumed it was lung cancer because they thought she had cancer in her lung. I'm trying not to read too much into it just in case. Hopefully we get the pathology reports back soon.

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Tony's brother had 3 brain tumors when he was originally diagnosed and they were considered to be mets, but they never found the original cancer site. Later on tumors developed on the adrenals. Both places were classic lung cancer mets sites, but they never found any primary cancer in his lung. His cancer was called adenoma by the Docs, which I think means they don't know what the heck kind of cancer it was. :shock: It was and remains a mystery.

Hopefully the labs come back great for your Mom and her issue is resolved quickly. I'm thinkin' that the news will be good! :D

Very best of luck to you and your Mom,


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In June of this year my husband had a new 3Cm Mass

show up on his Lung CT scan. His Oncologist was "sure" his cancer was back and

we went as far as discussing treatment options. Alan's dr scheduled a needle biopsy just to be sure.

The Pathology report came back NEGATIVE. Mystery mass

is still there, but has not grown according to Alan's

most recent scan. I hope your Mom's path report also

comes back NEGATIVE.

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Hi Chrissy....I am taking this as a good sign but of course I could be wrong...Many many times the surgeon could tell immediately if it is cancer or not...He did with me anyway...So praying that it turns out to be benign....waiting is a tuffy for all of us...hugs...PamS.

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