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The Boston Walk with Satellites


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I was just over looking at the Boston Walk Site... checking out everybody's pages... And guys... I'm just so proud of the members here! We all aimed high on our goals... and some of us have met goal and others of us are getting really, darned close, and still others have changed their goal amount a few times!

I'm just pumped.

And hey--Can we call Debi Sputnik since she was the first satellite walker? :lol:

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Congrats Christy on the newspaper article, is the newspaper online so we can see it?

and yes, the satellite walkers are kicking butt, all the walkers are!!

If anyone hasn't been totally tapped out yet - I wanted to draw your attention to one of our younger walkers - https://secure.campagne-online.com/regi ... onID=11429

She is Becca, her mom found the Boston site and the Satellite Walker page a little over a week ago, I believe through Google. Becca's PopPop had been diagnosed 2 weeks before with Lung Cancer and Becca wanted to do something in honor of the man she adored. In just over a week, Becca raised $600, even canvassing her neighborhood and putting flyers in mailboxes.

I just got an email from Becca's mom saying that Becca's PopPop died today. Her mom said that they are going to put Becca's page in the obituary, to promote awareness and hopefully raise more money to combat the disease that took her PopPop.

I know that lung cancer has affected all of us in some way, shape or form. But tonight I am awed by our little heros, like Becca and like Stacy's 2 little girls and any others that I have forgotten to name - children who shouldn't have any worries, but instead are churning out flyers and pounding the pavement for donations. I am completely humbled by their unselfishness.

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I'm pumped and ready to walk, too. My shirt came late this week as well. I made my goal, and then bumped it up, so that last minute 'donaters' won't blow me off. :wink: I'm going to have Mom send out reminders to the folks we haven't heard from yet the week before the walk. Just try to say "No" to her!

:) Kelly

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Katie, I got it here: http://goodysonline.com/ They're having a GREAT sale right now online! Even better than going in the actual store! :)

I finally made my flyers yesterday. I went to mom's doc at the Cancer Treatment Centers of America and gave some to the receptionist and she was so nice, she told me she knew my mom and how sweet she was! :)

She said she'd pass them out for me. How cool is that? Now, hopefully her pulmonologist and onc will donate!

Still trying to find out who will take the donation boxes, Katie, hopefully I know more tonight!


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