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No Tricks, Just Treats II


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I swear I'll put on a happy costume and celebrate with the neighborhood kids from this day on.

Lisa too had confirmed good news about her CT Chess Scan today.

I don't think I've ever saw our Onc. smile like he did today. As Trish said it well in her "Treats" post we got a similar Radiologic Interpretation:

"Compared to previous exam there is a large air cavity present in the right upper lobe". The doc said that where there once was a cancer tumor, there is just an empty air space now. The right lung is cancer free and the left lung is clear.

Isn't that Great!

But there is more:

"No auxillary, mediastinal or hilar lymphadenopathy" I'll have to look that one up.

"No pericardial effusion or percardial thickening and the heart is normal size" She once had moderate pericardial effusion.

But there is more:

The Liver masses are "smaller in size than the previous exam" 3 mos ago. (The largest one is half the size seen on previous exam).

Office visits are now spaced 6 weeks instead of 3 weeks and the onc. suggested that she get a primary care physician for the small things. I just knew we would get here if we just didn't give up.

A lot of prayers from a lot of people were answered today. May all our friends here be free from physical or mental suffering and take care of yourselves happily.

Now if she can just get over this nausea and stomach pain. We are working on that and repairing the other damages cause by the treatments.

Chanwit and Lisa

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Oh Chanwit and Lisa!!!

I knew her scans were coming and I've been watching to see your post to hear what Lisa's report would be after her scans. I'm positively absolutely standing on my head HAPPY for both of you!!!!! Woo-hoo!!!!

What wonderful news! Thanks for sharing.


Warmest regards,


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Thanks for all the perpetual "mighty Big HHHOOORRRAAAYYYYYs!!!!!!!" from everyone. Wish I knew the name for this personality trait but Lisa has always been too affected by the words and actions of others. For this reason I think the oncologist has always been cautious not to paint too negative of a picture of her prognosis and I never told her if I heard something negative. This great news for her is like a big dose of Cancer Killing Vitamins or an Anticancer drug not discovered yet.

The battle will never be over but we sleep and meditate a lot better now. We add everyone on our list of thoughts and prayers. On with the Cure!

Damage Control:

Tomorrow early morning she goes for her Endoscopic EGD to try and locate the cause of her digestive problems. Let you know in a new post.

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