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question about chemo and alcohol


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I have a question, yes I will ask the doctor, but I need some feedback now.

Joel is starting his chemo next Tuesday (after the walk). He will be on Taxotere 4 times every three weeks. My question is do you have to stay away from alcohol?

Joel is a red wine lover and only drinks on the week-ends that is kinda like his salavation. He can drink up to (not that he does) 2 bottles during the weekend.

I heard he will have to stay away because of the sugar. Does anyone know if this is true and what is the effects if ones does drink? He will be on decadon (sp ?) steroids one day before, day of and one day after. He also has to get that gold money shot of Neulasta after each treatment. I call that Gold as it costs $3000.00 a shot!!

Anyway any feedback before we ask the doc?


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Well, Maryanne, I asked this exact question of both my medical and radiation oncs. I was on carbo and taxol and was only taking the minimal steroids in premeds. BUT I was told some wine was okay. When I asked the rad. onc., he asked if I planned to drink the whole bottle. I said no.......he said go right ahead then. Now mind you ~ I wasn't taking steroids. I would ask, but my hope is that Joel will be able to enjoy some glasses of vino.

Good luck at the walk.



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I drank through all my chemos no mater what it was. There some chemos that I just did not feel good enough to drink much. It was one way to keep my weight up. Good luck with Taxotere. I drank lots of water with that one, because it gave me leg cramps.

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