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So, I've been diagnosed with SCLC, which came as no surprise considering the symptoms. Now, had I been single my response to this wonderful news would have been to throw on a Coldplay CD, put my feet up and smoke myself into oblivion with a beaming smile on my face. Think I'm kidding? I'm not.

But damn it, I have a responsibility to all the people in my life that actually care about me -- so the pathetic scenario mentioned above will have to go to hell. Instead, I had no option but to enter the realm of my worst nightmare and stare reality in the face. So here I am in what I can only describe as a medical maelstrom ... but heck, at least I'm getting treatment. But will the treatment work? Who the hell knows. What I do know is that by opting for treatment I'm flying on a little more than just a wing and a prayer.

Thanks to my wife, Teri, who has taken on the mammoth task of organizing everything on my behalf --I couldn't organize the alphabet -- I'm now on my my second round of chemotherapy and, get this ... still alive and kicking. However, I have to say I'm not sure if it's worse having this disease or being a spouse/sister/brother/etc. who has to live with it. I guess none of us will really know the answer to that question, but my hat's off to all those out there who are in my wife's position.

Never lose sight of the fact that anything is beatable, regardless of what the doctors may say ... and from my own personal experience, I have to conclude that some of these doctors need to go back to school :wink:

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In our local lung cancer support group we have people who are 6 yr plus survivors of SCLC and their CT scans are still negative for disease! Wishing the same to you (and for the sake of your wife).

Keep us posted how you are doing.

Donna G

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We have many people here that have gone against all predictions of their doctors. I am one of them. It sounds like you have the beginnings of a good team to beat this with Teri. Staying positive is sometimes very hard to do in face of some of the medical predictions. You are absolutely right when you say anything is beatable. Learn all about your disease so that you can make good decisions concerning your treatment. The more you learn and read some of the bios here the more comfortable you will become. Let us know more about your treatment and how things are going.

Stay positive, :lol:


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You can still listen to Cold Play, eh? The Sonics are good too, and I don't mean basketball. I quit smoking many years ago. I still enjoy listening to music, but have to content myself with sitting in my chair and bouncing around. I can't jump around on the floor so much any more. It is a result of having one lung I guess.

I am not real thrilled that I have lc, but I am very glad that none of my loved ones have it. I think that would make it harder for me to deal with lc.

So, who is in control, really? I don’t think I am, so I let it unfold and try to retain some focus in life by treating my lc and enjoying my life.

I hope your treatment goes well. SCLC responds very well to chemo. I hope you have a full remission that lasts years and years.

Don M

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Had I been single I'd probably have acted out the scenario in your first paragraph but like you I had a reason to fight the fight of my life.

I had limited sclc dx 5 years ago, you'll notice the HAD bit, I've been clean and clear for most of that time.

I had imediate shrinkage with my first chemo and only scar tissue has been visible since my last chemo 6 months after dx.

It's true that sclc is aggressive but it does react well to tx and I'm living proof that it is survivable as are other people on this board.

Keep your sense of humor about it all it will hold you up on the darkest of days, it's still okay to laugh at the things that you always found funny (and some things that now have a totally different slant).

Fill us in on your dx and tx and then we'll know more of what you need.


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Welcome, sorry you have to be here. What chemo are you receiving? I have been through two episodes of sclc, chemo and radiation and I am doing just fine. I am still on chemo for about 2 more months.

Let us know what we can do to help you - please keep in touch. There are caregivers on here too that can help your wife.

Nancy B

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