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Mom Update


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Mom had her scans yesterday and is blessed with a center where she gets results right away.

Her onc tells her that the brain met (the bigger one) grew though there is some internal debate here at home over that. We were told, last time before they started the WBR that it was at 3.something cm. This time it's at 2.6 or so, yet he says "it's growing". I have no idea but we all seem to remember it the same way.

Anyway...they're going to do another trip thru SRS-land with her. Five rounds this time.

Not great news...but at least there are options!!!

Her onc went on to tell her that he expects as good of results as they've gotten previously with the SRS and that as long as that works...he expects her to be opening the pool in the spring. :)

Sounds good to me :wink:

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Thanks for the update on Sue. She is a trooper, isn't she? Glad you had the scans read the same day; boy, isn't that a helper?

Do you have old reports from which to compare? It sounds as if you are not 100% confident in what was dished. Would you be more confident if you had the reports and talked to the doctor more?

Tell Sue I hope the pool temp is good this summer.


Cindi o'h

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