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What do you tell an employer?

Guest jaymenine

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Guest jaymenine


My appointment with my new best friend the oncologist/pulmonologist is tommorrow morning. I have had a CT scan with contrast which I asked for of my primary care physician as I have been a smoker, was raised by two smokers, and knew I needed to quit. I thought perhaps a little fear of God would do it. Strangely, even when being summonded to be told I had a "nodule", I smoked. I am currently chewing gum and making deals with God.

I am at my computer today preparing for the interview of my dreams. I don't interview well - I get nervous, try too hard and feel the need to sell myself. The VP for this prestigeous company and I really hit it off - if I had just met her, we'd be friends. So, with her I did well, although I threw all of the interview rules out the window as I was still so nervous I forgot them all.

I'm worried about what to do - other than ask them when the next OR is available because I want this thing out of me immeadiately, so I took a break from studying up for the interview (which seems less important - perhaps a good thing?) and starting looking for real people instead of medical papers who could help ground my thoughts and came upon this site.

But - I have a question - what if I get myself under control long enough (I really am an intelligent woman, just don't "test well") and get this job. It means moving, which menas changing doctors, which is okay, I suppose - The University of Denver is supposed to be good as well. But - do I tell these people? And if so - when? Clearly not on the interview on Friday. But, when and how? Also the job will involve a lot of travel - will that be a problem for me if I need chemo and rediation? And what about insurance? Will my new insurance cover me if I see the oncologist here - will I get turned down by my new employers policy as a "pre-existing condition"?

I'm sorry to be the new guy rattling off a tome, but I'm alone on this one and trying to remain calm for my husband as I haven't involved him too much in any of this just yet. Besides, he couldn't answer any of this and would just worry himself into a stew.

Thanks for taking the time to read this - and for living and sharing through this disease. I feel grateful not just for my own life, but for each of yours.

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You need to understand the medical coverage. If you have been covered and change insurers due to a job change, they usually cover this. It would anly be considered a prior existing condition with some exclusion period if you had not been insured. Most medical plans stard between the 1st of the month following hire and 90 days. In between, you probably have a COBRA option.

I personally see no reason to explain any illness unless it will prevent you from doing the job. It is your business and the information supplied to the new insurere is confidential.

You do need though to get a clear understanding of the hanling of the new as well as current insurance if neeeded during a transistion period.

A word of advice, get all information in writing - even if it's an email. I have had a lot of incorrect answers given over the phone.

Good luck.


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Don't tell the prospective employer. Have you been actually diagnosed with cancer? I don't think that was what I read, you're ruling cancer out with your tests. Don't put the cart before the horse. Go for the job! Don't stress over the interview, focus on your upcoming tests if it helps you interview better..

I work for a large corporation. With my diagnosis, I was immediately referred to our medical department and received a nurse case manager through the job and one through the insurance. My supervisor was not in a "need to know" position regarding my health - I told him, but legally, I did not have to.

I moved jobs within the company almost two years ago. I had to disclose that I had an ongoing medical "issue" that required quarterly testing and medical appointments. I chose to disclose what I was being treated for so they didn't think I was psychotic...again, I didn't have to.

Don't screw yourself out of a job on uncertainties with your health. What's the worst thing that can happen in that regard, you get the job?

Live like you'll die tomorrow, plan like you'll live forever. A job with medical insurance? GO FOR IT - it ain't "pre-existing" if you haven't been diagnosed...and heck, odds are you're FINE. Keep it positive, always think the best - if it's not what you viewed as the best, change your perspective.

Good luck!

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Welcome Jayme,

What I understand is you requested a CT scan and they found a nodule. Until they do a biopsy or a PET scan there is really no indication that it is cancer. Many people have spots or nodules that are not cancer. I would wait till you find out more, before making any decision. If it is cancer then you have to determine what options are available to you. There is no need to tell a future employer anything about your testing. If you had insurance when you were diagnosed then what ever new insurance that you get will cover you. Keep us posted as you learn more, and let’s pray that it is not cancer.

Stay positive, :lol:


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I echo everything said here.

Find out if there is anything wrong first...no need to make something with a new employer or worry yourself for that matter until there is something to worry about.

But get all your health questions square and then all things will fall into place.

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I think you need to let the doctor dx. what your nodule may or may not be. Nodules can very well be an infection as well. It really can be that simple.

You may have had the nodule just sittin there for years, how to say. I've had one for over 4 years now and it just sit's there. My Doc's feel mine is scar tissue which is another thing nodules can be.

Try not to jump the gun. Good Luck.

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Guest jaymenine

Thanks so much for all of your help and care - I appreciate it. The nodules are still just that at this point. I saw the doctor today and he said they were suspicious because of their size and shape and wants to do a PET and biopsy next week. Unfortunately we don't have previous CT scans to go by in terms of growth. But because they are over 4 cm and shaped the way they are, he said the prognosis isn't good. He said that he agreed with me to take them out, but wants to biopsy them first. I want them out and everything I've read on Pub Med said the survival rate is better if they come out in the first month.

Anyway - I have to fly to the airport - am late - to get to this interview on time. Don't know what to worry about more right now.

In short - I don't have "The Diagnosis" but sense its around the corner.

All the Best and Thanks so Very, Very Much -


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