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I miss my mom

:cry: why is it getting harder and harder instead of easier...

I was not this bad the first few weeks after she died....

this week (6 weeks after losing mom) i've cried every day....

I want to talk to her...

I play 12 voice mail messages I have on my machine over and over just to hear her voice...

will I really see her again in heaven one day....

*were having a medium come to the house on 10/18. More for my father than us. He is in a void he can't or wont come out of. I hope she is for real.

i miss my mom..... :cry:

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Hi Dear Friend Shelly,

It does lose some of the intense pain with time. I will forever miss my mom. I still cry out for her at times. I wish I had the power to change things but I don't. My mom has been gone six months now and they have uped my prozac so I am better in dealing with some things.

I think about you often and I keep looking for a email from you. Please let me know if I can help in anyway.

Hugs, Shelly

Good Luck with the Medium, I don't know anyone who has done that before. Let me know how it goes.

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Please visit this site and read up on the stages of grief.

http://www.cancersurvivors.org/Coping/e ... stages.htm

I cannot give you a time frame, but it WILL get better. You'll never stop missing your mother, BUT it will stop hurting so much when you remember jer, you'll begin to smile when you remember instead of feeling such an acute state of loss.

As for the medium - I hope you found a good one!

On my first job returning to Michigan, my supervisor was a psychic (well, she still is, I just don't work for her anymore!). At the time, no one close to me had died so when she offered a 'reading' there was no one to talk to! ("One ringy-dingy two ringy-ding Appears like there's no one home!") Since then, I've lost many people close to me and keep telling myself that I'll get in contact with her and see if she can channel for me... Haven't done it yet, but my husband would like me to schedule a reading for HIM with her for his birthday - next month. Guess it's cheaper than taking him out to dinner! :wink:

Hang in there, Shellie. Life is sad now, but a broken heart heals, too. If I had a Band-Aid to help fix your heart, I'd give it to you (and I'm sure it would be a Snoopy Band-Aid, too!).

I wish you peace,


aka Snowflake

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Dear Shelly

My heart aches for you. It does get worse before it gets better that I do remember. I lost my mom, dad and only brother several years ago, all of my family, I was the only one left. I did go to a psychic once after my mom passed and he seemed pretty good but it could have just been standard stuff that he does for everyone. He came out with some names that only family would know that did amaze me. One thing I do know is that your mom will let you know in some way that she is with you and is okay. I had an experience after my brother had been gone about a year that still gives me chills to this day. I was at my mom & dad's house along with my husband and 3 children and we were all sitting around talking about my brother when out of the blue a framed picture of him just toppled off a shelf and fell on the floor in front of us, no one was moving around at the time, we were all stunned. I think it was a sign from him that he was with us.

I think about you often Shellie and always wonder how you are doing, please keep in touch with us.

Bess B

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Dearest Shelly,

I don't know how to help on this, I am feeling the same as you. Just earlier this evenig, in a card shop, a man and women were buying a card for his 86 year old mother, I thought, it just ain't fair, the tears were there again, with just overhearing a conversation. I choke up with the thought of it. I don't know how much worse it can get, and how much more it will hurt. :cry:

I pray what the others tell us that with time, it will get better. Hang in there, I'm with you all the way on this.


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Shelley, I dont think it has been long enough to get any relief yet. It will only get easier and the pain will never go away. Most of us learn to live with it and one day the memory of your moms death will be over shadowed with all the wonderful memories that you had together.

Please remember, trying to do enjoyable things to help you move along is not something you should feel guilty about. Many people suffer even longer with the grieving process due to a guiltly feeling in forgetting their loved one. You will never forget, just will learn to cope..

I somewhat know how you are feeling, not only are you sad yourself about your moms passing, but you also feel pain when you see your dad suffer so.

I will be praying for you..


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When my grandpa died, every holiday I would take cards and write letters to him and leave them on his grave. It would somehow make me feel better and closer to him... Maybe some think this is whierd but it helped me!! Christy

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